Lake Gozna in Valiug during a cold winter day

Văliug in winter

The Romanian commune of Văliug is a popular destination both in winter and summer. This commune is located in the mountains, not very far from the city of Reșița. Another popular place which is close to Văliug is the Semenic mountain which has an altitude of 1.400 m.

Once you’ve reached Văliug, then you should know that the majority of accommodations and restaurants are located near lake Gozna. As you drive up to the lake, you will find close to the lake’s dam the Ponton Casa Baraj and right behind the ski slope.

Lake Gozna in Văliug.
View of the landscape from Ponton Casa Baraj.
Văliug ski slope in winter with tourists.
The commune of Văliug in the valley.