Former Cistercian monastery in the village of Cârța

The Cârța Monastery was our first important objective to visit in the Făgăraș region. This Transylvanian village is renowned due to the Cârța Monastery which in the past was a Cistercian monastery. Today if you plan to visit this place, you will gonna see some old ruins which belonged to the old monastery and whitin the churchyard there is actually a smaller cemetery where are buried fallen German soldiers from World War I. At the end of the churchyard, you will also find a smaller Lutheran church.

Besides the Cârța Monastery, not far from this place, in the city of Avrig you will gonna find another amazing place to visit called The Brukenthal Summer Palace.

The Cârța Monastery.
The churchyard where a small cemetery is found with graves from the First World War.
A small Lutheran church located within the churchyard.
The main entrance into the churchyard.

The Brukenthal Summer Palace In Avrig

After a not so long drive from the Clay Castle located in the village of Porumbacu de Sus we finally arrived to our last objective in the Fagaras region which was the Brukenthal Summer Palace in the Transylvanian city of Avrig.

Here we have decided to serve dinner at restaurant which can be found within the Brukenthal palace gardens.

The Brukenthal Summer Palace in the city of Avrig.
Photo of the Brukenthal Palace from the palace gardens.

The mighty Fagaras mountains

At the beginning of March, I have visited a couple of popular places in the Fagaras region like the the former Cistercian monastery in Carta and the Clay Castle Valley Of The Fairies located close to the Transylvanian village of Porumbacu de Sus. Since the mountains were close to the main road, I had many opportunities to capture some interesting shots of the mountains and their snow covered peaks. The Fagaras mountains are actually the highest mountains in Romania, the highest peak called Moldoveanu has 2.544 m.

Panoramic view of the Fagaras mountains.
The Fagaras mountains near the village of Porumbacu de sus.
Mountains with snow on their peaks.
View of the Fagaras mountains from the village of Carta.

Beautiful lake in the heart of Transylvania: Lake Zetea

The beautiful lake Zetea is located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. It’s approximately 23 km away from the city of Odorheiu Secuiesc. This large lake is an artificial lake because it was built to prevent flooding in the surrounding areas. Today, if you plan to visit the place, you will notice a small hydroelectric power plant under the dam which produces clean electricity to the local community.

When I visited this place, I made a short stop on the lake’s dam and from up there you can actually see the entire lake and the surrounding forested hills. The most interesting thing from this trip was a larger hill right in the center of the lake which has an triangle shape.

Lake Zetea

I remember when I visited this place, some rain clouds started to appear but I had enough time to capture some photos of the lake and the surrounding landscape, including the triangle shape hill.

The lake Zetea in the heart of Transylvania.

On the shore of the lake, at least the area which is close to the lake Zetea’s dam is covered with large rocks so you have to be very careful especially if you plan to walk near the water.

Large rocks on the shore of lake Zetea.
Forested hills next to the dam.

Small hydroelectric power plant

Down in the valley, there is actually a small hydroelectric power plant which generates clean electricity from the lake’s water. This photo was also taken from the lake’s dam.

Small hydroelectric power plant at lake Zetea.