Constanța Seafront

A couple of years ago, we visited the Romanian port city of Constanța which is located on the shores of the Black Sea. This city is about 220 km away from the capital city Bucharest. On our short trip, we visited the the Old Town where the majority of the touristic attractions are located.

The Casino in Constanța

The Casino is one the most important touristic attraction in the city of Constanța. You will find this building on the Constanța seafront, close to the port. The photos below were actually captured before the restauration of the Casino. As you can see, back then the entire building was neglected by the local authorities and it started slowly to deteriorate. I’m really curious how it will look after the restauration process will be finished.

The Casino in the city of Constanța.
The Casino before the restauration.
The Casino and the seafront in Constanța.

The Genovese lighthouse

Not far from the Casino, you will find the old Genovese lighthouse which was used until 1913. Today it only serves as a landmark along with other old buildings in the area. As an interesting fact, this lighthouse was visited by Price Carol I in 1879.

The Genovese lighthouse.

Near the port of Tomis

Continuing our walk on the seafront, we reached a large white building which today is actually the Fleet Command. Not very far from this place, you will find the port of Tomis.

The Fleet Command and the seafront.
The Black Sea and the entrance into the port of Tomis.

The port of Constanța

The port of Constanța is Romania’s largest port on the Black Sea. It’s actually a maritime and a river port as well because its connected to the Danube via the Danube-Black Sea canal. This way some of the cargo can be transported on the Danube to some European countries which doesn’t have maritime access.

The port of Constanța.
Large cranes and buildings in the port.

Boat tour around the port of Mangalia

The starting point of these boat tours is the touristic port of Mangalia. Over there, you will find these boats waiting for the tourists. Usually the entire boat tour last more then 30 minutes and the ticket is very affordable.

The highlight of these tours is the shipyard in Mangalia. Over there, if you are lucky, you can spot some large ships which sail the world’s oceans. During our small boat tour around the port of Mangalia, we sailed pretty close to two larger ships which were docked in the shipyard. As soon as we sailed passed the second ship, I saw another one docked not very far but since the captain of our small touring boat has decided to head back to our starting place, I captured only some distant photos of the ship and of the sunset. This was my first time in life seeing and being so close to such a humongous man made object.

Before reaching our starting point, we sailed right next to the touristic port of Mangalia. This port is quite small compared to others. Back then, there were many smaller boats docked in the port.

Lighthouse in Mangalia during sunset.
Large port cranes in the port.
Large oil tanker docked in the shipyard.
Another large ship docked in the shipyard.
Small fishing boats close to the shipyard in Mangalia.
The touristic port in Mangalia at sunset.
The touristic port.
The port in Mangalia at dusk.