Street in Unirii Square

The Unirii Sqaure in Timisoara

Unirii Square or Union Square is located not far from Timisoara’s city center. In my opinion it is one of the nicest squares in the city where you will find a lot of beautiful old historical buildings built in baroque style. This is the only place in Timisoara where you will find two cathedrals very close to each other, I’m referring to the Roman Catholic and to the Serbian Orthodox. Besides the two cathedrals, you will also find the Baroque Palace which is the Museum of Art.

Right in the middle of the Unirii Square you will find the Holy Trinity statue which is also known as the Plague statue. This statue was built in remembrance of the plague which devastated the Banat region in the 18th century.

Right behind the statue of the Holy Trinity there is a smaller fountain with drinkable water which is perfect especially if you visit this place on a hot summer day.

Currently some older buildings are under renovation, including the Roman Catholic Dome. I’m very curious to find out how the entire square will look like after all the renovation is finished.

Besides the old buildings located in the Unirii Square, here you will will also gonna find many restaurants, terraces and bars.

Unirii Square in Timisoara during sunrise.
The Roman Catholic Dome and other old historical buildings in the square.
The fountain and the Holy Trinity statue.
A part of the Unirii square in Timisoara.
The Baroque Palace or the Art Museum in Timisoara.
From left to right: The Brück House, Three Hussars and Elephant Houses.