The Șoimoș Fortress in the Mureș Valley

The Șoimoș Fortress in the Mureș Valley

The Șoimoș Fortress can be found near the small Romanian town of Lipova, Arad county. In order to explore the ruins of the fortress you’ll have to make a small hike on a steep path because the fortress was build on the top of a larger hill. The path to the Șoimoș Fortress starts after an abandoned house which is located next to the main road, right at the outskirts of the Șoimoș village. Usually this hike will take approximately 30 minutes including a couple of short stops.

The Șoimoș Fortress was built in the 18th century and in 1552 it was occupied by the Ottomans who turned this place into a military base. Unfortunately in 1788 the entire fortress was abandoned. Despite that its abandoned, it is still visited by a lot of tourists.

The Mureș Valley

Once you reach the fortress, the Mureș Valley is visible from up there, including the Mureș river. You can even spot the Maria Radna Monastery’s church towers.

The Mureș Valley seen from the fortress.

Interior of the Șoimoș Fortress

Ruins inside the Șoimoș Fortress.
Another part of the fortress.
Ruins in the fortress.
Old arches still standing
Small path next to the fotress

Next to the fortress

The Șoimoș Fortress and the Mureș Valley.
The city of Lipova and Radna.

What to visit near the Șoimoș Fortress

The Șiria Fortress – this is another old fortress located 30 km away from this place in the Zarand Mountains.

Maria Radna Monastery – this monastery is actually very close to the Șoimoș Fortress and you should check it out especially if you are in the area.