Saschiz town hall

The old fortified church in Saschiz

The commune of Saschiz is located in the heart of the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. This commune is known for its old Evangelical church which is located almost in the center of the commune, right next to the main road (E60) which goes from Sighisoara to Brasov. If you plan to visit this old medieval church then you will find it right next to the main road. One interesting thing about the Evangelical church’s tower, it looks almost the same as the Clock Tower from Sighisoara. Besides the old church, there is another hidden gem on a smaller hill located close Saschiz. You can easily spot it if you are close the Evangelical church. The gem is actually the ruins of an old Saxon fortress. As I’ve heard, you can visit it but besides the old ruins, you wont find other interesting things to see.

The fortified church from Saschiz in winter.
The church behind the defense tower.
Old traditional Saxon houses in winter.
Ruins of the old fortress in Saschiz.