View from the Liars bridge

The Historic Center of Sibiu

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On Cetății street you will find a couple of important old landmarks like the Potter’s Tower and the Carpenter’s Tower. You can visit the interior of those towers if you want but you will have to pay for a ticket.

These old towers can be found almost at the edge of the historic center of this beautiful Transylvanian city.

The Carpenter's tower
The Potter's tower

The Large Square

Another popular place in Sibiu is the Great Square where you will find many landmarks to visit. Besides the landmarks, you will also find many restaurants with terraces and various shops.

Among those important landmarks that are located in the the Great Square I can mention the Brukenthal National Museum which was the first museum in the region of Transylvania, the Council Tower and almost in the middle of the square you will find the Falkenhayn fountain.

The Large Square in Sibiu where you can find the Brukenthal National Museum.
Terraces in the Large Square of Sibiu.
The Falkenhayn well.

The Small Square

After exploring the Greater Square it was time to head towards the Little Square which is actually a very short distance away.

The first stop was at the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary which was recently restored.

Behind the Lutheran Cathedral, you will find the Guilds Tree and a the famous Liars bridge.

View of the Small Square.
The Lutheran Cathedral
The Guilds Tree.
The Council Tower and many terraces in the Small Square.
The Council Tower in Sibiu
Small shops and the Lutheran Cathedral's tower in the background.
Narrow street with multiple stairs near the Small suare.

What to visit near Sibiu

To be honest, there are many places to visit near Sibiu. Below I’ve shared a couple of them:

  • The Fortified Church in Cisnădioara – this fortified church is located on the top of a larger hill. You will have to pay for a ticket in order to visit it. This is the closest objective to Sibiu.
  • Sighișoara medieval citadel – this medieval citadel is among the most popular ones in the historic region of Transylvania.
  • Cârța Monastery – this is another place to visit especially if you are in the Făgăraș region.
  • The Biertan Fortified Church – this old church is actually not very far from the medieval citadel of Sighișoara. In case you are in the area, you will have to visit this place as well.
  • The Clay Castle – This another amazing place to visit in the Făgăraș region.