narrow gauge steam locomotive in resita locomotive museum

The city of Reșița

The city of Reșița was one of the most important industrial city in Romania before the Romanian revolution. This was due to steel industry. Today you will find a beautiful city which offers many things to explore for the tourists. One example is the Steam Locomotive Museum.

The steam locomotive museum

The steam locomotive museum is located in located between the old and the new part of the city, in the neighborhood called Triaj, or Railroad yard in Englsh. In this open air museum you can find different types of steam locomotives which were built entirely in Reșița, you can even find there the first steam locomotive which was built in the Reșița locomotive factory. Also, you will find both standard and narrow gauge steam locomotives. The entry is free and you can admire all the exhibits as much as you want.

Resicza – this was the first steam locomotive built in Reșița in 1872 and it was designed for a 948 mm gauge railway. It was used between 1872 and 1937 and it had the magical number of 2.

Resicza, the first steam locomotive built in the city of Reșița.

Principesa Elena – the Principesa Elena was the second superheated steam locomotive of the 700 series built at the Locomotive factory in Reșița. This type of steam locomotive was in operation till 1970.

Principesa Elena steam locomotive in the museum.

CFR 150.038 – this series of steam locomotives was equiped with Heusinger distribution, Knorr automated brakes, Friedmann water injector, coal-fuel combustion. This was the most basic and up to date type used by the CFR.

CFR 150.038 steam locomotive.

CFR 142.072 – this locomotive was the biggest and the most powerful in the CFR fleet. When it was operational, it managed to pull 700 tones at a speed of 110 km/h. They were constructed using the Austrian 241 model with a few improvements. As a fun fact, the four large wheels of the steam locomotive have a diameter of almost 2 meters.

CFR 142.072 was one of the most powerful steam locomotive.

The former steel works in Reșița

In the old town of Reșița you will find the former steel works. The entire industrial complex is very large. In my opinion, one of the best place the admire the entire complex and a part of the city is to drive on Vântului street. This street actually was built on a smaller hill right on the outskirts of the city. Once you’ve reached the highest point, the entire complex is visible from up there. Last time, the street was in an bad condition but it was not impossible to drive on it.

Reșița steel works
Orthodox church next to the steel works.

Lunca Pomostului

Lunca Pomostului is a neighborhood of the city with a lot of modern apartments. If you take a close look, you can even spot the funicular which used to carry the limestone from a nearby quarry.

Lunca Pomostului neighborhood in Reșița.

Is there something else to visit in the area?

Yes, definitely, there are many interesting things to visit in the area close the city of Reșița.

One example would be the commune of Văliug which is popular destination throughout the year. Another important place that you can visit which is also not very far from Văliug is the Semenic ski resort.