Shops next to the road in Bicaz gorge

The Bicaz Gorge

Published on June 21, 2021 by Zoltan Nyaradi

Located within the Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park in Romania lies the breathtaking Bicaz Gorge. Situated amidst the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, this natural marvel is conveniently close to the renowned Red Lake, adding to the allure of the region’s attractions.

Carved between towering cliffs alongside the rushing waters of the Bicaz River, the road through Bicaz Gorge serves as a vital link between the regions of Transylvania and Moldova. As you traverse this scenic route, you’ll encounter numerous quaint shops offering an array of souvenirs, providing an opportunity to take home a piece of the picturesque journey through this natural wonder.

Driving through Bicaz Gorge is an experience like no other, as travelers wind their way along a narrow road that hugs the rugged cliffsides. With each twist and turn, panoramic views unfold, revealing the untamed beauty of the surrounding landscape. Adrenaline-seekers are drawn to the challenge of navigating the winding road, while nature enthusiasts marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna that call this pristine wilderness home.

The Piatra Altarului Mountain next to the Bicaz gorge.

Steep cliffs next to the road

One of the highlights of any visit to Bicaz Gorge is the chance to witness the spectacular rock formations that line the canyon walls. From towering spires to intricate rock formations sculpted by centuries of erosion, each formation tells a story of the geological forces that have shaped this landscape over millennia. Visitors are encouraged to pause and reflect on the ancient history written in stone, marveling at the sheer magnitude of nature’s craftsmanship.

The national road between steep cliffs.
Trees growing on a smaller cliff In the Bicaz gorge.
Shops and tourists next to the road.
Sunlight on the steep cliffs in the Bicaz gorge.
Close-up photo of the Piatra Altarului.

As one of Romania’s most beloved natural attractions, it continues to inspire and enchant visitors from around the world, inviting them to explore its rugged terrain and discover the magic of this hidden gem in the heart of Eastern Europe.

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A short distance from the awe-inspiring Bicaz Gorge, travelers will encounter the picturesque Red Lake, a captivating natural wonder nestled within the breathtaking landscape of Romania.