Biertan in the region of Transylvania

The beautiful commune of Biertan

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The commune of Biertan is located in the region of Transylvania, Romania. From Sighișoara, which is actually not very far from this commune, by car you will reach this place in approximately 30 minutes. After you will arrive in the commune, close to the fortified church, you will find many parking places where you can leave your car while you explore the commune of Biertan.

Close to the entrance into the old fortified church, you will find a nice restaurant called Unglerus where you can serve a tasty dinner.

The fortified church of Biertan

In this commune you will find an old fortified church which was built by the Saxons in the 15th century. Back then, the region of Transylvania belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary. At the beginnings, this church was a Roman Catholic church but it became Lutheran during the Reformation.

The fortified church has four larger towers, the Clock Tower, the Gate Tower, Bacon Tower and lastly the Bell Tower. Also, you will find three rows of fortification walls surrounding the church. Within the fortification walls you will find many other smaller interesting things like for example an old lock.

The Biertan fortified church was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites back in 1993. In my opinion should definitely add this place to you bucket list especially if you have decided to visit the historical region of Transylvania.

The commune of Biertan with the fortified church in the center.
The fortified church and the Clock tower.
Alley next to the fortification walls of the fortified church.
Three rows of fortification walls which surrounds the church.
The fortified church and the Unglerus restaurant.
Traditional Saxon houses in Biertan

What attractions are near Biertan?

If you would like to visit more attractions which are can be found in the area, then I recommend the following places:

  • Sighișoara – in the most important attraction to visit since it’s only 30 km away from Biertan.
  • Apold – here you will find another fortified church but this one is much smaller compared to the one from Biertan.
  • Mălâncrav – here you will find two important attractions, the one is the Apafi manor and right next to the manor, you will find a beautiful fortified church built in Gothic style.