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  • Buraul Mare Waterfall Near Moldova Noua

    Buraul Mare Waterfall Near Moldova Noua

    The Buraul Mare waterfall is about 2 km away from the outskirts of the small city of Moldova Noua. After a short but beautiful drive through the mountains, you will come across a sign which indicates the way towards the waterfall. In order to visit this natural beauty, you will have to leave your car […]

  • The Place Where The Danube Enters Romania

    The Place Where The Danube Enters Romania

    After the Volga river in Russia, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe. It flows through 10 European countries, starting from Germany and ending in Romania where it drains into the Black Sea. The Danube enters Romania near the small Romanian village of Bazias. On the southern part of Romania, the Danube is […]

  • Exploring Timisoara city center

    Exploring Timisoara city center

    The Victory square The Victory square is located in the middle of Timisoara. The most emblematic buildings in this square are the National Opera and on the opposite side of the square is the large Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral with a height over 90 m. As an interesting fact, the Metropolitan Cathedral is the second tallest […]