The charming Tăii Gorge near Petrila

Near the former mining city of Petrila you will find the charming Tăii Gorge. It’s located approximately 5 km away from the city center.

In order to reach this place, you will have to drive towards Lonea and right before the bridge which crosses the Jiu river, you will have to make a left turn and follow that road until you will reach the Tăii Gorge.

If you follow this road between the mountains, it will take you to a place called Lunca Florii.

The starting point of the Tăii gorge which is located near Petrila.
Small cabin built on the cliff.
The Tăii Gorge.
Stream flowing in the gorge.
The mountains covered with snow in the distance.

What else to visit in the area:

  • The former Petrila coal mine – actually you are allowed to visit only a small part of the mine. Next to the main entrance, you will find a couple of administrative buildings and in one of them you will find a very interesting museum with all sorts of mining equipments which once were used by the miners.
  • The Parang Mountains –  not far from Petrila, there is a beautiful vantage point from where the entire Jiu valley is visible. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot the tips of the Parang Mountains.
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The Historic Center of Sibiu

On Cetății street you will find a couple of important old landmarks like the Potter’s Tower and the Carpenter’s Tower. You can visit the interior of those towers if you want but you will have to pay for a ticket.

These old towers can be found almost at the edge of the historic center of this beautiful Transylvanian city.

The Carpenter's tower
The Potter's tower

The Large Square

Another popular place in Sibiu is the Great Square where you will find many landmarks to visit. Besides the landmarks, you will also find many restaurants with terraces and various shops.

Among those important landmarks that are located in the the Great Square I can mention the Brukenthal National Museum which was the first museum in the region of Transylvania, the Council Tower and almost in the middle of the square you will find the Falkenhayn fountain.

The Large Square in Sibiu where you can find the Brukenthal National Museum.
Terraces in the Large Square of Sibiu.
The Falkenhayn well.

The Small Square

After exploring the Greater Square it was time to head towards the Little Square which is actually a very short distance away.

The first stop was at the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary which was recently restored.

Behind the Lutheran Cathedral, you will find the Guilds Tree and a the famous Liars bridge.

View of the Small Square.
The Lutheran Cathedral
The Guilds Tree.
The Council Tower and many terraces in the Small Square.
The Council Tower in Sibiu
Small shops and the Lutheran Cathedral's tower in the background.
Narrow street with multiple stairs near the Small suare.

What to visit near Sibiu

To be honest, there are many places to visit near Sibiu. Below I’ve shared a couple of them:

  • The Fortified Church in Cisnădioara – this fortified church is located on the top of a larger hill. You will have to pay for a ticket in order to visit it. This is the closest objective to Sibiu.
  • Sighișoara medieval citadel – this medieval citadel is among the most popular ones in the historic region of Transylvania.
  • Cârța Monastery – this is another place to visit especially if you are in the Făgăraș region.
  • The Biertan Fortified Church – this old church is actually not very far from the medieval citadel of Sighișoara. In case you are in the area, you will have to visit this place as well.
  • The Clay Castle – This another amazing place to visit in the Făgăraș region.

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The Dendrological Park in Buziaș

The Dendrological Park can be found in the small town of Buziaș. This town is only about 34 km away from the Romanian city of Timișoara. The dendrological park has a surface of over 20 ha and back in 1839 it was declared a spa due to the mineral springs found in the area.

There are a couple of wells from where you can get mineral water. One is located in the park, close to the ruins of Baia 2. The other one, can be found right next to the edge of the park, close to the hotel Timis.

During my last trip to Buziaș, the entire park was under construction. Hopefully in the near future, the park will regain it’s former beauty.

The Covered Colonnades

Below you will see some photos which were taken inside the dendrological park where you are able to see some wooden covered colonnades which were built in Turkish-Byzantine style. The original colonnades where actually built on the request of Emperor Franz Joseph I and it’s the main attraction in the park.

The covered colonnades in Buziaș.
Wooden covered colonnades built in Turkish-Byzantine style.
The exterior of the colonnades.
A part of the colonnades in Buziaș.
Paved path in the park.
Another path in the dendrological park next to the cover colonnades.

One of the oldest tree in the park

In the dendrological park you will find many species of trees, the most common is the plane tree (Platanus). In the photo below you will find a tree which was planted in 1812.

Platanus tree planted in 1812

The Bazar Villa

Right behind the oldest plane tree you will find the beautiful Bazar villa which was a spa hotel in the past.

The Bazar villa in the dendrological park in Buziaș.

At the Airpot

On the edge of the park you will find a place called the Airport where you will find some examples of old airplanes. The largest plane in a Soviet Lisunov LI-2 which is actually a copy of the famous American Douglas DC3 aka “Dakota”. According to some older stories, the plane has belonged to the former communist president Gheorghiu Dej.

Between those two large planes you will find the control tower.

Lisunov LI-2 plane

The second plane is also from the Soviet era, this is actually an Antonov AN-2 bi-plane and it was used as a utility plane in agriculture.

Antonov AN-2 bi-plane
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