The Muntele Mic Mountain Resort

Abandoned Hotel On Muntele Mic

After we arrived to Muntele Mic, we decided to eat something before we started to explore this place. We found a nice wooden cabin which had a restaurant close to where we parked our car. The owner of the place where we served our dinner told us that the huge hotel from the photo was the most modern building in the ’90 in Muntele Mic resort. Due to the lack of tourists in the area and high expenses, the hotel was closed and abandoned. After a small chat with the owner, we started to explore a little bit the beautiful alpine scenery.

Abandoned hotel in Muntele Mic resort

An army truck in the Little Mountain resort

When we arrived to the Little Mountain resort, I saw an army truck belonging to the Romanian Army parked on a dirt road which leads to the small hermitage and a large group of soldiers in front of a restaurant. Since there wasn’t many interesting things to photograph in the resort, I’ve decided to include the truck into a photo along with the Sebes hotel. The Sebes hotel is probably the tallest building in the resort and unfortunately is abandoned.

Army truck on the mountain

Wooden church mountain resort

This wooden church is located on the Little Mountain (Muntele Mic in Romanian) right next to the winter resort and the ski lifts. Below the church you will find a larger pine forest. Unfortunately, I didn’t captured some interior shots of the church mainly because some rain clouds were heading towards the churhc and our car was parked far away from this place. After a couple of shots, I have decided to leave the place before it started to rain.

A hermitage located on Little Mountain, Romania

Large Cross On Muntele Mic

If you plan to visit Muntele Mic, you will have the chance to see a large cross on the top of the mountain once you’ve reached the resort. Also there is a road which will take you to the cross. Unfortunately when we were there, some ugly storm clouds were headed towards the resort and we have decided not to drive up to the cross. Probably the view is much nicer from up there. Next time I will try to take some photos from up there. Until them, enjoy and share this photo.

Large cross on the top of Muntele Mic.

The Tarcu Mountains

After we explored the Little Mountain resort for more then one hour, we’ve decided to leave the place. From the resort we drove towards the plateau where I took some landscape photos of the Tarcu mountains which were visible from there. Since outside was warm, I have managed to spot a few places where there were some spots of snow near the peak of the mountain. I heard that the peak has more then 2000 m. In general, the scenery is really breathtaking from the plateau. I highly recommend this place for a nice hike.

View of the Tarcu mountains from Muntele Mic

Tarcu mountains, view from Muntele Mic

One last photo of the distant mountains

This shot was captured a few seconds before it started to rain. I really wanted to add even more drama to the picture and to be honest I really like the final result after post-processing the image. Hope you like it to.

Panoramic view of the Tarcu mountains in the summer

Amazing Turquoise Sea

Today I have decided to share a photo taken last year during our holiday in the Romanian resort of Saturn. If I remember correctly, I captured this aerial view of the beach on our second day there. That day, I was amazed by the beautiful turquoise color of the Black Sea which usually has a darker green color.

As you can see the beach was packed that day with a lot of tourists coming from all the corners of Romania. The hotels in the background of the photo are belonging to another resort called Venus. Probably in the upcoming posts I will share shots from Venus as well.

Turquoise Black Sea