Boat Tour Around The Port Of Mangalia

The entire boat tour costed 15 lei which is about 4 US dollars per person. In my opinion the ticket was very cheap if you take into consideration that the entire tour lasts for more then 30 minutes. I recommend you to do this boat tour when its close to sunset because you are able to capture some amazing shots of the place. Usually you’ll find these small boats waiting for the tourists in the Touristic port of Mangalia.

People admiring the sunset at the lighthouse

Basically this was the first lighthouse since we started our bout tour. Actually there is a street which leads to this old lighthouse from the touristic port.

People admiring the sunset at the old lighthouse

Towards the Black sea

After we left the touristic port of Mangalia, our captain has decided to sail his boat venture out of the port. This lighthouse is actually the last one and after that, only the sea will be visible.

The last lighthouse in the port of Mangalia

Another large ship next to the shipyard

During our small boat tour around the port of Mangalia, we sailed pretty close to two larger ships which were docked in the shipyard.  As soon as we sailed passed the second ship, I saw anther one docked not very far but since the captain of our small touring boat has decided to head back to our starting place, I captured only some distant photos of the ship and of the sunset. This was my first time in life seeing and being so close to such a humongous man made object.

Large ship docked at the shipyard

Sunset behind a large container ship in Mangalia

This massive ship was located in the Daewoo Heavy Industries shipyard in Mangalia. This shot was captured while we were on a nice boat tour around the port and the shipyard. I was fortunate enough because as we were sailing on the boat, the sun started slowly to disappear under the horizon. Right after this picture, the sun wasn’t visible, but I had plenty of natural light to capture more amazing shots.

Large ship behind a sunset in Mangalia

Boats docked in the port

This is another photo taken on our boat tour around the port and the shipyard. Actually this port is quite small compared to others. Back then, only a couple of smaller boats were docked there. Fortunately the sunset colors made this image a little bit interesting. This was my last photos of this place because we were very close to the place from where we started this small journey.

Boats docked in the port of Mangalia at sunset

The perfect time for a long exposure photo

After the boat tour was over, we started our long walk back to our hotel which was located in Saturn, we’ve decided to explore a little bit the place around the port in Mangalia. As we were walking on a seafront towards a smaller lighthouse, I captured a couple of shots of the city and the beach. That day the Black sea was very agitated and in order to make a smoother shot of the sea, I had to make a long exposure shot of the place. For this image I’ve set my shutter speed to 6 seconds and the aperture to f/20.

Long exposure photo of Mangalia and the Black sea.

The Transylvanian City Of Sibiu

On our way to the medieval city of Sighisoara, we’ve decided to  visit the Transylvanian city of Sibiu a couple of days after Christmas. Fortunately, the historical center in Sibiu is not very far from the A1 motorway and since we where in the area, we decided to drive to the old town and explore it.

Old buildings in the historic center

Among the things we visited in Sibiu were the old buildings and landmarks located in historic center. Actually this picture was taken right in front of the Lutheran Cathedral.

Old buildings in the historic center of Sibiu

Christmas fair in Sibiu

There was a Christmas fair in the Grand Square and a lot of small shops were still opened for the locals and for the tourists. In this square you will find some of Sibiu’s main sights like the Brukenthal National Museum and the Council tower.

Christmas fair in Sibiu

The Liar’s bridge

If you take a closer look at the image below, you can see the year 1859 on a smaller plate, actually thats the date when the Liar’s bridge was finished. This small iron bridge connects the Lower Town with the Upper town. As far as I know, this is a very popular destination in Sibiu and

The Liar's bridge in Sibiu

Under The Liar’s bridge

After we arrived to the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, our next objective was to find the famous Liar’s bridge. Fortunately it was only a couple of streets away from where we parked our car. After almost 15 minutes of walking and admiring the historical center of Sibiu we finally found the amazing Liar’s bridge. From there actually you can see a part of the Council tower and some of the old buildings from the Lesser square.

Under the Liar's bridge in Sibiu

The Lutheran Cathedral

This Lutheran Cathedral is located in the historic center of the Transylvanian city of Sibiu. This Gothic-style church was built in the 14th century and today is a landmark of the city. In the area you will also find other important structures like the Liar’s bridge and the Council tower. If you plan to visit the interior of the cathedral you have to pay for a ticket.

The Lutheran Cathedral in Sibiu

Towards our next objective in Sibiu

After exploring the Grand Square and the Lower Town, we decided to walk towards our next objective, which was the Sibiu steam locomotive museum. Fortunately it was only about 20 minutes away from the Historical center.