The Lake Between The Mountains

The so called “lake between the mountains” is called lake Golumbului and its located in the Cheile Nerei National Park, southwest Romania. This lake is not to far from Anina and If you plan to visit Bigar waterfalls, then you will definitely gonna find it because its close to the main road. I heard that some of the locals, who live in the area they also call this lake Minis, probably because the lake was named after a small river which flows into the lake.

A photo of the entire lake
A photo of the entire lake
The lake and some forested hills in the background
Lake Golumbului
Another part of the lake and the mountains in the background
Another small part of the lake
The mountains near the main road towards Bigar waterfall
The mountain near the main road

Our final destination, Bigăr waterfalls was located about 5 km away from lake Golumbului and after a few photos of this amazing place, we decided that the time has arrived to leave this wonderful place.

The Opera House

Today I have decided to share an HDR photo which was captured in the beautiful city of Timisoara on a nice but cold spring night. The building in the photo below, is the well known Opera House and its located in the Victory square which is also the city center. At the time when the photo was captured, a large group of people started to exit the Opera House and I’ve decided to decrease my camera’s shutter speed to capture the movement of those people. Also you can notice the motion blur effect applied to the water from the small fountain.

A photo of the Opera House in Timisoara at night
The Opera House