Bigar Waterfall

Bigar waterfall is located in the southern part of the Anina mountains, in the Cheile Nerei National Park, about 5 km away from lake Golumbului and about 20 km from the mining city of Anina. If you plan to visit that place you should know that you have to drive on winding roads in order to get to Bigar waterfall but fortunately the landscape is amazing, especially in autumn and probably in winter as well. As a small suggestion, there is a parking lot about 200 m away from the waterfall so you even have a place where you can leave your car if you plan to visit this place.

If you wish to visit even more things at the Bigar waterfall natural reservation like some smaller waterfalls,  the Bigar cave and the underground water spring, you’ll have to pay a 5 lei ticket which is about 1.43 US dollars in order to visit the small natural reservation.

According to The World Geography, the Bigar Waterfall occupies the first place on their list of 8 waterfalls around the world.

Towards the cascade

After we left our car in a smaller parking lot which is located almost half of kilometer, we came across this amazing landscape. As you can see in the photos below, the entire landscape is surrounded by steep mountains.

The main road towards the Bigar waterfall

Another photo of the road which leads to the waterfall and the mountains in the background

The Bigar Waterfall

Now here are some photos taken at the Bigar waterfall and to those who don’t know, Bigar is a small waterfall where the water falls from a cliff which is covered with green moss and I have to admit that its amazing and very unique, especially in Romania.

A photo of the famous Bigar waterfall

A rapid stream located close to the waterfall

A small waterfall in the forest

The Nera river which flows in front of the Bigar waterfall

Not far from Bigar waterfall

The photo below of the silky rapid stream was actually captured from a small path located next to the stream. Here is the perfect place to capture some amazing long exposure photos thus making the rapid stream to look silky. In order make similar types of photos you will definitely need a tripod.

Multiple smaller waterfalls

The starting point of the rapid stream

The rapid stream which flows down in the Nera river through the Bigar waterfall, actually springs from under a larger cliff. You can reach easily that place by taking a small hike following a path next to the stream. Also on the opposite side from where this picture was taken, you will find some stairs which will help you to climb to the den.

Stream of water spring from under a cliff

After we left this place, our next destination was the Serbian border town of Vršac which is located in the Banat region.

The Lake Between The Mountains

The so called “lake between the mountains” is called lake Golumbului and its located in the Cheile Nerei National Park, southwest Romania. This lake is not to far from Anina and If you plan to visit Bigar waterfalls, then you will definitely gonna find it because its close to the main road. I heard that some of the locals, who live in the area they also call this lake Minis, probably because the lake was named after a small river which flows into the lake.

A photo of the entire lake
A photo of the entire lake
The lake and some forested hills in the background
Lake Golumbului
Another part of the lake and the mountains in the background
Another small part of the lake
The mountains near the main road towards Bigar waterfall
The mountain near the main road

Our final destination, Bigăr waterfalls was located about 5 km away from lake Golumbului and after a few photos of this amazing place, we decided that the time has arrived to leave this wonderful place.