Sunset Over Lake Ruganesti

On our way back from lake Zetea, we decided to take a short stop at lake Ruganesti which is located about 5 km away from the small Romanian town of Cristuru Secuiesc. When we arrived there, the sun started slowly to disappear under the hills which surrounded the lake. Fortunately, I’ve managed to capture some sunset photos of the lake, the best photos from that day are found in this post.

The sunset and lake Ruganesti

This was my first photo at the lake, before I started to photograph the place, I’ve made a short walk to search for interesting things to photograph and I found a bout tied to a small pontoon and I’ve decided to include the boat into my photograph.

sunset over a lake

The round table

As you can see in the photo below, this lake is surrounded by some larger hills and when we have arrived to lake Ruganesti, the sun started slowly to disappear behind those hills. Another interesting thing to photograph was a round stone table which was close to the lake.

round table at Ruganesti

Reflections in the water

When I captured this photo, I wanted to photograph the reflection of the clouds because some ugly storm clouds were headed to towards the lake, if you take a closer look at the photo, you can see the reflections of the clouds in the lake’s water.

reflections in the lake's water

Some storm clouds and the surrounding area

As you can see in the photo below,  lake Ruganesti is very large and the landscape is really amazing. Probably this would be a perfect fishing place.

The lake with some storm clouds

The Historic Center Of Sighisoara

Today I will share a photo which was captured this year inside the medieval citadel of Sighisoara. The place where I have captured the photo is considered to be the historic center of the medieval citadel where you can find many restaurants and hotels, probably one of the most famous hotel which is located in this area is the House with Stag (that white building on the right). At the time when I had taken the photos of the old medieval buildings, there were many tourists checking out this wonderful inhabited citadel.

Historical center in Sighisoara

Visiting The Dendrological Park

Buzias is a small town located in Timis county, Romania. It’s only about 40 km away from the capital city of Banat region, Timisoara. I traveled to Buzias three years ago and back then, I visited the Dendrological park where the covered colonnades are located, my next destination in park were the old and unfortunately abandoned and ruined, health spas. My last destination was located at the edge of the Dendrological park, where an old airplane can be found which functions as a restaurant.

The covered colonnades in the Dendrological park

The covered colonnades were built in Turkish-Byzantine style and if you take a closer look to the photos above and below, you can notice that they were built almost entirely from wood.

Covered colonnades in Buzias

Baia 2

That ruined building behind those large trees was built between 1853-1856 and its called Bath 2 or “Baia 2” in Romanian. In the past, that building functioned as a spa, the sick people were treated inside that building with mineral water. In our days, that building is abandoned, it seems like nobody cares anymore about the past and the renowned of Buzias resort.

Baia 1 spa

At the Airport

At the edge of the Dendrological park, you can find the airplane from below. As I heard, this plane is a soviet copy of the famous american Douglas DC2, nicknamed Dakota. This plane was brought to Buzias in 1978 with one good purpose, to function as a bar (or Aviabar) for the tourists who came to visit Buzias. Somewhere in 1986 this plane was relocated behind the “Silvana” hotel, and after the relocation, the plane remained there. In 2005 an investor bought the plane and opened a nice restaurant.

Airport restaurant in Buzias

At the Fenix

The biggest advantage of this mineral water spring is that its free, you can fill up as many empty water bottles as you desire. The water at that spring has a weird taste, but don’t be scared to drink it, the mineral water is drinkable. This spring is really easy to find, it is located at the edge of the Dendrological park, close to some hotels. I really encourage you to go there and taste the mineral water.

Fenix mineral water spring

Buzias train station in the summer

Since the train station in Buzias is very close to the main road which leads into the town, we decided to check it out before we venture in the city. As you can see in the photo, this is a small train station and which was modernized a couple of years ago. When we arrived there, it wasn’t enough activity at the train station, we only saw a couple of passengers waiting for a train. After a couple of minutes, a train had arrived in the station. I have captured a few photos of the passengers and the train and after that we left the train station, we headed to our next destination: the Dendrological park.

Buzias train station

The Clock Tower

Today I have decided to share a photo from my recent trip to the medieval city of Sighisoara. In the photo below you will able to notice the well known Clock tower which is one of Sighisoara’s main sights. This photo was capured when the sun started slowly to set. Unfortunately that day, some clouds covered the sun and I wasn’t able to capture a “perfect” sunset photo.

The Clock tower in HDR

The Corvin Castle In Hunedoara

We decided to visit the Corvin castle on our way back from the medieval city of Sighisoara. After almost four hours of driving across the historical region of Transylvania, we reached the outskirts of Hunedoara. In about 15 minutes of driving in the city, we have arrived to Hunyad castle.

 The Hunyad castle and the wooden bridge

This castle is one of the most visited places in the region of Transylvania. The Hunyad castle or the Corvin castle is located at the edge of Hunedoara city, on a smaller hill. The construction of the castle began in 1446 at the orders of John Hunyadi at it was built mainly in Gothic style but it also has some Renaissance architectural elements. According to some travel websites, this castle is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Romania.

The Corvin castle

Scary gargoyles

These gargoyles can be found inside the well-preserved Hunyad castle which is located in the city of Hunedoara, Romania. These gargoyles are located in the southern end of the courtyard, you can spot them very easily from the castle’s defense wall.

Gargolyes on the castle's roof

The legend of the well

According to the legend, the well from the photo below was dug by three Turkish prisoners, to whom John Hunyadi promised the freedom. The prisoners dug for 15 years and they managed to make the well 28 meters deep, they also find the precious water. Meanwhile, John Hunyadi had died and his wife didn’t respect her husband’s word, instead she ordered the killing of the three Turkish prisoners. The last request of the prisoners before execution was to write on a piece of stone in the well the following sentence: “You may have water, but you have no soul”.

The well within the castle

The Drummer’s Tower

This tower is located on the eastern side of the Hunyad castle and as you can see, it has a circular shape with two defense levels, the gunmen level and the embattled level. As I remember this tower was built between 1440 and 1444.

The Drummer's tower

The courtyard

As you can see the castle’s courtyard was a little empty, before we left the place a larger group of tourist were going inside the castle.

Hunyad castle's courtyard

Hunedoara cityscape

In the photo below, you can see a part of Hunedoara. This photo was captured on the Hunyad castle’s defense wall.

Hunedoara cityscape

Here is a link to the Corvin castle’s official website, check it out and find out more details about opening times and ticket prices.