At The Emerald Lake

Since this place was not very far from Viscri, after we left the amazing Transylvanian village we have decided to drive to another beautiful destination which was the Emerald lake located on a larger hill, not far from the village of Racos.

The entire lake is actually surrounded by steep cliffs and what is even amazing, is the color of the lake’s water which has a brighter green color, almost the same as the emerald’s color.

Despite that outside was more then 30 degrees Celsius, a lot of the tourists drove next to the lake in order to explore this beauty of nature.

A lonely tree next to water

Near the road which leads to the lake I found this lonely tree and I’ve decided to include it into a photo with the green lake as well. Actually somewhere not far from this place you will find a smaller path which will take you right next to the lake’s water.

The green Emerald lake

The green Emerald lake in Transylvania

Mixing daylight with sunset

This photo was among my last ones at the Emerald lake. Now you can see a larger part of the lake and it also gives you a perspective regarding the lake’s size.

The Emerald lake at sunset

Former quarry

Since this place was a former basalt quarry, the entire lake is surrounded by steep rock walls. You can even get right next to the lake’s water by following multiple paths down to the lake. In the photo below, you can actually see one of the paths towards the green lake.

steep rocks and the green lake

Since this was a basalt quarry a long time ago, you can spot some beautiful basalt columns in the area, unfortunately when I’ve visited this place, we didn’t had enough time to explore the columns as well. So don’t forget to check them if you are in the area. It’s almost 15 minutes away from the lake by walking.

Exploring The Transylvanian Village Of Viscri

This summer we finally decided to make a trip from Sighisoara to Viscri. Since we never been there, we decided to take a shorter route which meant that we had to take a right turn in the village of Bunesti and follow the 104L road towards Viscri. Unfortunately the road from Bunesti was very awful, it was packed with medium to large size craters. After more then 30 minutes of driving we finally arrived there.

Now a few words about this amazing Transylvanian village,  His Royal Highness Prince Charles made Viscri popular throughout his multiple visits to this charming place.  He even helped to renovate some old traditional houses and the fortified church through his foundation. As I heard from the locals, he even bought a traditional house in the village where you can find accommodation if you plan to stay a longer period in this truly unique Transylvanian village.

Towards the fortified church

If you walk up on this street, you will reach the entrance of the old Lutheran fortified church. On your way there, you can stop at some hoses to purchase various traditional cloths, socks and many other interesting hand made objects from the locals. When we visited this place, we found two places from where you buy hand made objects from the locals, those houses were located on the right side as you walk towards the church.

Street which leads to the fortified church

Popular landmark in Viscri

The most important and popular building is Viscri is the old Lutheran fortified church which was built by ethnic Transylvanian Saxons back in the 13th century.  If you plan to visit the interior of the church you have to buy a ticket which I believe it was 10 lei per person.

Viscri fortified church

Near the entrance intro to church

Inside the fortified church in Viscri

Another must for the tourists is to go up in the Lutheran church’s tower because from there, you can actually see the entire rural scenery which surrounds the village of Viscri. Basically this is the highest point in the village. You can even take a short brake up there and admire the Transylvanian rural landscape.

Arial view of the village of Viscri

Old traditional houses

Almost all the houses in this village are well maintained probably because nowadays this is a very popular tourist destination. Back when we were there, we saw a lot of cars parked on the main road and some of them were from other countries including from United Kingdom.

Old traditional houses in Viscri

Blue traditional house

Tourists parked they cars next to the old traditional houses in Viscri

Traditional clothing

When we walked on the street which leads to the fortified church in Viscri, we found a couple of houses from were you can actually buy some traditional clothing made by the villagers from this unique Transylvanian village.

Traditional cloths