• The Șiria Fortress

    The Șiria Fortress

    In the Zarand Mountains, not far from the Romanian city of Arad, you will find on the top of a larger hill the Șiria fortress. This fortress received its name from the commune located right under the ruins of the old fortress. About the Șiria fortress The fortress was built in the 13th century with […]

  • The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

    The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

    I visited Corvin Castle on my way back from the Bison Reservation which is located in a forest very close to the small city of Hațeg. From Hațeg to Hunedoara by car you will make approximately 40 minutes. After you arrive next to the castle, you will find a paid parking lot where you can […]

  • The Bison Reserve in Haţeg, Romania

    The Bison Reserve in Haţeg, Romania

    We visited this place in December on a very beautiful cold sunny day. In order to see the bisons from Haţeg reserve, you have to walk almost 500 meters through a forest. After you will came out of the forest, you will see the large enclosure where are these beautiful large furry animals are held. […]