Orsova And The Danube River

After Easter we had decided to take a road trip to the Iron Gates which is a very long gorge located on the Danube river. Our second stop on our way to the Iron Gates was in the small port city of Orsova which is located on the spot where the Cerna river meets the much larger Danube river.

View of the city near the train station

I have to admit that we had accidentally stop near the train station because we missed the road which lead into the city. Fortunately, from there the entire city was visible so it was a perfect spot to shot some cityscape photos. After more then 50 shots, the time has come to move on. Our next destination was the Dragalina park from Orsova which is located on the other side of the smaller gulf.

Orsova cityscape and the Danube river

The Danube river at Orsova and a barge

Two shot from the park

After we left our car near the Dragalina park in Orsova, I started to explore the park. Unfortunately, I’ve only found two things to photograph which were interesting to me. In the first shot you can see a smaller ship with tourists approaching a pontoon. Probably this ship is returning from the Iron Gates. The second interesting thing for me was the view of the city which looked interesting from the park and I had decided to capture more cityscape photos of Orsova. After almost 30 minutes in the park we decided to leave to port city of Orsova and drive towards the Iron Gates which is almost 15 km away from the Dragalina park.

A ship with tourists returning from the Iron Gates

View of Orsova from the Dragalina park

Panoramic View Of Orsova And The Danube

After we left the train station, which is located on the opposite side of the city, our second stop in the port city of Orsova was at Dragalina park. From the park, you can see almost the entire city including the port. Also here is a nice spot for taking some panoramic photos of the city and the Danube. Fortunately we stayed there almost an hour and I had plenty of time to walk around in the park and photograph many amazing things.

A panoramic view of Orsova

Near The Lighthouse

If I remember correctly, this photo was captured almost at the end of March when we made a longer road trip to the Iron Gates. Back then our second stop on our journey was in the Romanian port city of Orsova. Over there, we decided to visit the Dragalina park where is a very interesting lighthouse which is located close to the edge of the park. In the background of this image you can see the large Danube and the Iron Gates.

Near the lighthouse

Where The Two Rivers Meet

The place where the smaller river named Cerna flows into the much larger river called Danube is near the city of Orsova. Actually if you take a closer look at the photo from this post, right under that bridge from the background of the photo, the Cerna river flows into the Danube. This photo was taken from the Dragalina park and you are able to see a small part of Orsova and the blue Danube which wasn’t so blue when this shot was taken.

The Danube and a small part of Orsova

The Cardinal Points And The Bastion

Since the Cardinal points and the Maria Theresa Bastion are pretty close to the Union square, one day I have decided to capture some photos of those two places. Unfortunately that day the weather was a little bit ugly but I have managed to capture some shots of the Maria Theresa Bastion and the Cardinal points without getting wet.

The Cardinal points in Timisoara

As you can see the Cardinal points is a very busy intersection in Timisoara especially around 5 PM. Unfortunately the fountain was turned off that day. Probably the shot would have looked even better if the fountain was turned on.

The cardinal points in Timisoara

Small tunnels and a Mercedes for sale

I found this brand new Mercedes for sale in the area which is called the Bastion. I believe that Mercedes is a brand new 2016 Mercedes GLE. Those tunnels were a part of Timisoara’s fortification. In our days if you want to reach the Cardinal points or other parts of the city by car, then you should go under them.

Brand new 2016 Mercedes GLE for sale at the Bastion

Three flats near the Bastion

I’ve shot this photo because I found it interesting how those tall flats were looking in the shot.

Flats near the Bastion

Another shot of the Bastion

As you can see this place was recently rehabilitated and I must admit that is looking pretty amazing and modern. Also as far as I know, if you plan to eat or drink something, the you can find some restaurants in the area.

Maria Theresa Bastion in Timisoara