Ancient Greek Ruins In Constanta

As we were walking back to the train station from the the Genovese lighthouse, we’ve decided to explore a little bit the old town of Constanta. Since the lighthouse is located on the edge of the Queen Elisabeth boulevard, we decided to walk on this street towards the train station. Once we’ve passed the old Casino we’ve discovered some ancient ruins and right behind those ruins, there was a really beautiful Orthodox church. These ancient Greek ruins were a part of the citadel of Tomis which was founded around 600 BC.

Ancient Greek ruins in Constanta

One Of The Oldest Lighthouse

After shooting some amazing photos of the Casino in Constanta, I decided to walk a little bit further on the seafront. After about 50 meters from the Casino, I saw an older lighthouse right next to a large white building which belongs to the Romanian navy fleet. This is actually called the Genovese lighthouse and I’ve read that it was visited by Prince Carol I back in 1879. Unfortunately, this lighthouse is no longer used, it only serves as a landmark along with other old buildings like the Casino.

The Geneovese lighthouse

Boat Tour In The Port Of Mangalia

During our small boat tour around the port of Mangalia, we sailed pretty close to two larger ships which were docked in the shipyard. In this post: Sunset Behind a Large Ship In Mangalia you can actually see how tall is the bow of one of the docked ship.  As soon as we sailed passed the second ship, I saw anther one docked not very far but since the captain of our small touring boat has decided to head back to our starting place, I captured only some distant photos of the ship and of the sunset. This was my first time in life seeing and being so close to such a humongous man made object.

The entire boat tour costed 15 lei which is about 4 US dollars per person. In my opinion the ticket was very cheap if you take into consideration that the entire tour lasts for more then 30 minutes. I recommend you to do this boat tour when its close to sunset because you are able to capture some amazing shots of the place. Usually you’ll find these small boats waiting for the tourists in the Touristic port of Mangalia.

Large ship docked at the shipyard

The Trail Towards Soimos Fortress

The ruins of the Soimos fortress are located on the top of a larger hill which is located near the outskirts of the village which has the exact same name as the fortress. In order to visit the place, you will have to walk on a marked trail which starts right after an abandoned house. You should take in consideration the fact that this trail has a steep incline but once you’ve reached the top of the hill, the view over the Mures valley is really amazing.

The Soimos fortress in Romania

Large Radio Antenna Next To Lake Techirghiol

This picture was actually captured from the train when we came back from our trip to Constanta. This large lake starts to be visible as soon as the train arrives in Eforie Nord train station.  After that, the train runs along the lake almost until it reaches Eforie Sud train station. Besides the large radio antenna, this lake is also associated with black stinky sapropelic mud. This mud is renowned for its health benefits. If you are searching for this black mud, you will find plenty especially in Eforie Nord.  There is even the option to take mud baths in a complex located in Eforie Nord, not far from the train station.

Lake Techirghiol and the large radio antenna