Gozna Lake By The Dam

After we arrived next to Gozna lake, I’ve decided to go closer to the lake’s shore and capture some landscape/nature shots. The entire lake is surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. In the valley, right after the dam is the commune of Valiug which is a popular tourist destination in the summer and winter.

The interesting part of this image was that on the other side of the lake you can actually spot two different types of forests. A pine forest on the right side and I believe an oak forest on the left side. These two forests are separated by the lake.

Gozna lake by the dam in spring


Abandoned Historic Building Next To The Black Sea

Back in August we’ve visited the Romanian port city of Constanta which is located on the Black sea shore. This city is about 220 km away from the capital city Bucharest. Among  many other interesting things that we checked out in the city was the the old Casino. Unfortunately today this building is in a awful condition mainly because the local authorities are neglecting this beautiful jewel located right next to the Black sea. Actually behind the Constanta Casino is the Black sea and on the right side, where are those cranes, is the port where you can spot many large cargo ships.

The abandoned Constanta Casino

The Fortress From The Park

Back in 2016, we’ve made a trip to the Hungarian city of Gyula. Since it was our first time there, we didn’t know many things about this city. But not far from the place we stayed, we discovered this medieval fortress. This is one of Gyula’s landmark and its located very close to another impressive building which is the Almasy castle.

The medieval fortress of Gyula in the summer

The old Transylvanian mansion

This amazing old mansion can be found in the Transylvanian village of Mălâncrav. This village is pretty famous in the region for two important buildings. The first important building is the old Apafi mansion and the second one is the fortified church which is actually right next to the mansion. When we visited this place, in the winter of 2014, we only managed to check out the exterior of the mansion and a garden located behind the building. Since everything was covered with a thick layer of snow we couldn’t see many things there.

Since the Apafi mansion is built on a smaller hill and the majority of the houses from the village are located in the valley, you can actually see almost the entire village of Mălâncrav from up there, including the beautiful rural scenery which surrounds this Transylvanian village.

The Apafi mansion in the Transylvanian village of Mălâncrav

Exploring Transylvania: The Commune Of Biertan

The commune of Biertan is renowned due to the old Lutheran fortified church which was built in this Transylvanian commune. Unfortunately when we visited this place, in the winter of 2014, the interior of the church was closed to the public probably because they don’t open between Christmas and New Year so I’ve only managed to capture some exterior shots of the church. This shot was captured from a smaller parked located right next to the fortified church.

The Lutheran fortified church from the Transylvanian commune of Biertan