The Calm Before The Strom

Today I have decided to retouch one of my older photos of the beautiful lake Zetea. I highly recommend you to check out my older posts where you will find other shots of this place. Don’t forget to use the search feature located on this photography blog because it help you to find all the posts which are related to lake Zetea much faster.

In this post: The Great Lake Zetea, you will find some photos captured from lake Zetea’s dam. By the way, the entire scenery is very amazing so if you are in the area you should definitely visit this place.

Lake Zetea between the storm and a sunset

Old Buildings In The Historic Center Of Sibiu

This photo was captured last year in December when we made a trip to the medieval city of Sighisoara. On our way to our final destination, we decided to make a small detour and visit Sibiu. Among the things we visited in Sibiu were the old buildings and landmarks located in historic center. Actually this picture was taken right in front of the Lutheran Cathedral.

Old buildings in the historic center of Sibiu

The Entire Lake In Valiug

Today I have decided to share a panoramic photo of the artificial lake Gozna which is located in Valiug, Romania. This image was made from 6 photos. Unfortunately some rain clouds started to appear and about 15 minutes after I captured some shots for the panoramic image, it started to rain.

If you are in the area, don’t forget to check this amazing place out. This place is very popular in the summer when all sorts of parties are held at Ponton Casa Baraj.

Panoramic landscape photo of lake Gozna in Valiug

Small Turrets

These turrets are a part of the famous Corvin castle which is located in the Romanian city of Hunedoara. A couple of years ago, when I visited the castle, these turrets were restaurated and probably that’s the reason why those wooden scaffolds were built right under those turrets. I remember that this photo was among my first ones of the Corvin castle and it was captured right on the wooden bridge which will take you to the main entrance of the castle.

Discover even more things about this mysterious castle

In this post: The Corvin Castle In Hunedoara you will find more details about this place. Beside those extra details, you will also find some interior and exterior shots of the castle. You should also know that from the Corvin castle almost the entire city of Hunedoara is visible. So don’t forget to check it out if wish to learn more about this place.

Small turrets on the Corvin castle's exterior wall.

View From The Citadel

The old Rupea citadel was built on a larger hill right next to the city. If you plan to visit this place then I highly recommend to take a longer walk to the highest point of the citadel which is located in the Upper Fortress. From there, you can actually see the entire landscape which surrounds the citadel. The photo of the city from this post was captured from the Upper Fortress and back then, some ugly clouds were heading towards me. Unfortunately, I had to hurry back down to the parking lot because a cold wind started to blow very hard.

The city of Rupea, view from the old citadel

Right after we left the parking lot, I’ve decided to capture some photos of the entire citadel. By the way, that road will take you up to the parking lot which is right next to the entrance of the citadel.

The Rupea citadel

If you are interested to watch  more amazing photos shot inside the citadel, then you will find all my photos here.