Sighisoara Cityscape

I always wanted to capture some photos of the entire city of Sighisoara, including the medieval citadel as well. In my opinion, the best place to capture some amazing cityscape photos of Sighisoara would be from Villa Franka which is a very beautiful restaurant/camping place built on the top of a larger hill. If you plan to drive up to Villa Franka you should know that close to the hotel you will have to drive up on a very steep road. After you’ve arrived there, you can admire almost the entire city and if you have a camera you can take some interesting shots as well.

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The medieval citadel

From a great distance, the entire citadel looks very small but you will have plenty of things to visit. Among the most important things that you will definitely have to visit is the birthplace of Dracula and the most emblematic building which is the Clock Tower.

The medieval citadel of Sighisoara, view form Villa Franka

The Orthodox church

The Orthodox church is not very far the medieval citadel, you only have to cross the Tarnava river on a pedestrian bridge and you are right next to it.

The Orthodox church in Sighisoara

Old Volcano In Racos

Not far from the small city of Rupea, you can find another impressive Transylvanian commune of Racos. This commune is renowned for two important sights which are located in the area, the first important sight is the Emerald lake and not far from the lake, the second important sight is the crater of an old large volcano.

Inside the volcano’s crater

When you visit this place, for your safety stay on the paths. You will find many many areas with smaller but very steep valleys. Also you can spot around the crater many traces of volcano activity.

Volcano crater

Trees growing in the crater