On the TransSemenic: Lake Gozna in Văliug

The TransSemenic is a road which was built in the Semenic Mountains. To be more precise, the TransSemenic starts from the city of Reșița and it ends in the village of Slatina-Timiș. The distance between those two locations is approximately 60 km.

Our first stop after Reșița was at lake Gozna which is located in Văliug. Since outside was cold and unfortunately it even started to rain, I captured only a few shots of the lake, close to the famous place called Casa Ponton Baraj. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of tourists has dropped significantly in the area. To be honest, that day, there were only a few tourists wondering around next to the lake.

By the way, you can find here more shots of Văliug from one of my previous trip. All the shots were captured before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lake Gozna in Văliug.
Lake Gozna on a rainy day.