On the TransSemenic: Beautiful vantage point

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After we left lake Trei Ape, we made a final stop on the TransSemenic road a couple of kilometers after the village of Brebu Nou. As we drove up into the mountains, the sun started to disappear into the clouds and it started slowly to snow with pretty large snow flakes. The place where we stopped is actually a smaller plateau which is located at an altitude of approximately 900 m. From up there the entire scenery is visible, including the village of Brebu Nou, a smaller part of Gărâna and the Semenic Mountains. We even found a fresh layer of snow next to a forest not far from the TransSemenic road.

After taking some photos, we continued our road trip towards Slatina-Timiș. After this point, the road goes slowly down into the valley until Slatina-Timiș.

Incoming snow clouds close to Brebu Nou.
The village of Brebu Nou.
Fresh snow between the Semenic mountains.
The Gărâna depression.