army truck in muntele mic

Muntele Mic in the Retezat-Godeanu mountains

Muntele Mic is a mountain resort located in the Retezat-Godeanu mountains. The highest peak has 1.802 meters and its a popular destination for skiing and hiking. After we arrived to the resort which has the same name as the mountain, we decided to eat something before we started to explore this place. Close to where we parked our car, we found a nice wooden cabin which had a restaurant. Also nearby is the abandoned Sebeş hotel which was the most modern building in the ’90 in Muntele Mic resort.

Things to visit in the resort:

Not far from hotel Sebeş, a small wooden church can be found. It’s actually close to the winter resort and the ski lifts. Below the church you will find a larger pine forest.

If you plan to visit Muntele Mic, you will have the chance to see a large cross on the top of the mountain once you’ve reached the resort. Also there is a road which will take you to the cross. Unfortunately when we were there, some ugly storm clouds were headed towards the resort and we have decided not to drive up to the cross. Probably the view is much nicer from up there.

After we explored the Muntele Mic resort for more then one hour, we’ve decided to leave the place. From the resort, we drove towards the plateau where I took some landscape photos of the Țarcu mountains which were visible from there. Since outside was warm, I have managed to spot a few places where there were some spots of snow near the peaks. I heard that the peak has more then 2000 m. In general, the scenery is really breathtaking from the plateau. Also this is a perfect place to capture some amazing landscape photos in every season.

Cabins and hotels in Muntele Mic.
Large steel cross above the resort.
Wooden church in Muntele Mic resort.
The Țarcu mountains view from Muntele Mic.
The Țarcu Mountains