Medieval Citadels

Here is the place where you will find almost all the medieval citadels which I have visited in the past. The majority of the citadels are located in the region of Transylvania (where the bloodthirsty vampire named Dracula was borne), this mysterious yet very popular region is located in a Eastern European country named Romania.

Beside this, you will also find some photos of old medieval fortified churches which are very popular in Transylvania. Let’s not forget about beautiful castles, like the one located in Hunedoara which is called the Corvin castle.

So, I have decided to make a  top 6 of my favorite places that I highly recommend to you. If you are curious to watch even more pictures about a place from this top 6, the feel free to use the search feature on this blog. It will show you all my photos captured in a particular place.

  • Sighisoara – Probably this is one of my favorite citadel, mainly because its inhabited and you have a ton of things to visit. You can start with the Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower located in Sighisoara medieval citadel

  • Corvin castle – This is very popular tourist destination. I heard that the castle is haunted but last time when I was there, I haven’t seen any ghosts. 🙂

The haunted Corvin castle

  • Rupea – The citadel was recently restored and from the highest point you can see the entire scenery, including the city which is located in the valley near the citadel. You can take some impressive photos from up there.

Rupea citadel covered with snow

  • Oradea – This is a smaller citadel but I have to admit that its very beautiful.

Yellow church within the Oradea citadel

  • Biertan – Unfortunately I visited this place in December and the entire place was closed. But I highly recommend this place especially if you like to visit old medieval fortified churches.

Lutheran fortified church located in the Transylvanian village of Biertan

  • Gyula – This fortress is actually located in Hungary, very close to the border with Romania. Beside the Gyula fortress, you can also visit the Almasy castle which now is an amazing museum.

The Gyula castle on a hot summer day