carta monastery

Former Cistercian monastery in the village of Cârța

The Cârța Monastery was our first important objective to visit in the Făgăraș region. This Transylvanian village is renowned due to the Cârța Monastery which in the past was a Cistercian monastery. Today if you plan to visit this place, you will gonna see some old ruins which belonged to the old monastery and whitin the churchyard there is actually a smaller cemetery where are buried fallen German soldiers from World War I. At the end of the churchyard, you will also find a smaller Lutheran church.

Besides the Cârța Monastery, not far from this place, in the city of Avrig you will gonna find another amazing place to visit called The Brukenthal Summer Palace.

The Cârța Monastery.
The churchyard where a small cemetery is found with graves from the First World War.
A small Lutheran church located within the churchyard.
The main entrance into the churchyard.