Empty Street In The Citadel On a Misty Morning

This is an older photo taken a couple of years ago on a misty summer morning. Back then the medieval citadel of Sighisoara was pretty empty so it was much easier for me to shot some amazing images without people in them. If you walk down this street, you will end up next to the old Cobbler’s Tower and from there, you can actually take some interesting images of the Roman Catholic church.

The Cobbler's Tower and the Roman Catholic church in Sighisoara


Things To Do In Sighisoara: Explore The Old Cemetery

A couple of years ago, right after Christmas we visited some relatives which happen to live in Sighisoara. Actually, for those who don’t know, this Transylvanian city if very famous in Romania due to its old inhabited medieval citadel. Back then, I have decided to walk up to the Church On The Hill and explore the area a little bit. Right behind the church, the old cemetery can be found and since I never been there before, I’ve decided to check out the place.

More things to see in Sighisoara

Since the citadel is pretty large you can actually see many other interesting things. In the post Visiting Sighisoara Medieval Citadel In Winter, you will have the chance to watch a couple of Sighisoara citadel’s main sights like the Clock Tower, The Covered Stairway and other important buildings as well.

Things to see near Sighisoara

This region is also known for the old fortified churches like the ones from Biertan or Saschiz. If you are looking for other medieval citadels then you will find the next one in the city of Rupea which is about 50 km away from Sighisoara.

The cemetery behind the Sighisoara medieval citadel in winter

The Apafi Manor In Winter

The building in the photo is called the Apafi manor and its located in the small Transylvanian village of Malancrav, right next to the old fortified Lutheran church. We visited this place in the winter of 2014, a couple of days after Christmas. Back then, the entire village was covered with snow and I have to admit that the entire scenery looked pretty awesome. The manor is located on a smaller hill and in order to get up there, you have to follow a smaller path near the church which will take you up there. Unfortunately, the manor was closed when we were there and I only managed to capture some exterior shots of the Apafi manor. Hopefully I will return there one day to visit the interior of the building because I heard that after the restoration it looks very nice.

The Apafi manor from the village of Malancrav

Interior Design: Praid Salt Mine Chapel

Where is this place?

This small chapel is actually located inside the Praid salt mine. Don’t forget to watch on my travel photography blog more photos taken inside Praid salt mine.

A few words about the chapel

For those who don’t know, the chapel was build in 1993 and as you can notice from the photo below, the main construction material used in the chapel is wood. The large altar and the benches are made almost entirely from wood. If you visit Praid salt mine, then you’ll able to see inside there many amazing sculptures made from larger chucks of salt. I plan to release in the future more photos related to interior design and if you like this type of photography then I will recommend you to stay tuned!

interior design: Praid chapel

The Saschiz Fortified Lutheran Church

Today I have decided to share another photo of the Saschiz Lutheran church. This photo was taken in the summer of 2015 with my Nikon D3100 and because I had plenty of natural light I captured this photo without my tripod. For this shot I’ve decided to use the following setting on my camera: I’ve set my aperture to f/8 for a nice sharp image and since I’ve shot in aperture priority mode, the camera decided to use a shutter speed of 1/80 seconds. After some post processing, this is my final result.

Saschiz fortified Lutheran church in the summer