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Discover the old medieval city of Sighisoara which is located in the historical region of Transylvania, Romania.

Visiting Sighisoara Medieval Citadel In Winter

Visiting Sighisoara Medieval Citadel In Winter

Last year, right after Christmas, we decided to take a short trip to the medieval city of Sighisoara. After visiting some fortified churches in the area, on our way back, I’ve decided to capture some photos of the citadel in winter. Unfortunately, I didn’t find to much snow in the citadel only some small spots on the roofs of the old buildings.

The Clock Tower in winter

Probably the Clock tower is the main attraction in Sighisoara. As I started to photograph the Clock tower, some tourists were walking towards me and I’ve decided to include them into a photo. As I walked up into the citadel, another pack of tourists were heading towards me.

The Clock Tower in Sighisoara in winter

Tourists in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara with the Clock Tower in the background

The Covered Stairway

The covered stairway was built 1642 and it offered a safe climb to the Lutheran church and to the school especially in the winter season. The stairway is also know as the Scholar’s stairs.

The Covered Stairways in the medieval city of Sighisoara

The Church on the Hill

Originally the church was a catholic church and after the 1547 Reform, the majority of the inhabitants of Sighisoara shifted to Lutheranism so after that, the Church on the Hill was turned into a Lutheran church. This church is located on a small hill and is reached by an old wooden staircase. Near the church is the old Saxon cemetery and on the right side of the photo, you can notice a small part of the Ropemaker’s tower, as you can see in the photo below, the church was captured from the old cemetery.

The Church on the hill

A street in the citadel and the House with Stag

This street is located in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, near the Citadel square. This street is called the School street because this will take you directly to the Joseph Haltrich high school. At the end of this street you will find the old covered stairways which will lead you to the Joseph Haltrich high school and to the Church on the Hill. By the way, if you take a closer look at the photo below, you will notice the famous the House with Stag (that white building on the left side).

The House with Stag

The Ropemakers’ Tower

This is one of the oldest building in Sighisoara, dating from the 13th century. Back then, it served as a defense tower and in our days, its the home of the caretaker of the old Saxon cemetery.

The Ropemaker's Tower

Dracula’s house

The building painted in orange was the birthplace of Vlad Dracul (Dracula) and if take a closer look, you can see the back of the Lutheran church in the background.

Vlad the Impaler's house

Sighisoara cityscape at winter

In the photo below, you can see a small part of Sighisoara. The photo was captured from the citadel right next to the Clock tower.

Sighisoara cityscape

Old defense tower behind the tombstones

Right behind the famous and the old Lutheran church called Church On The Hill, there can be found the old cemetery. Back when I visited the medieval citadel of Sighisoara I have also decided to explore the cemetery as well and of course, to capture some interesting shots of the place.

The cemetery behind the Sighisoara medieval citadel in winter

Don’t forget to check out my older photos of the medieval citadel of Sighisoara. Those photos were captured in the summer of 2013 on a misty morning.


The Medieval City Of Sighisoara

The Medieval City Of Sighisoara

Sighișoara is a well known city which is located in the heart of the historic region of Transylvania, Romania. Now, If you wonder why its so well known, its because of the old and well preserved fortified medieval citadel which is also listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In my opinion, this one of the most beautiful inhabited citadel in Romania and probably in Europe as well.

In this post I’ve decided to add some photos of Sighișoara medieval citadel’s main sights. I highly recommend this tourist destination especially if you plan to visit the historical region of Transylvania. If you plan to stay for a couple of days, you should know that you can find many hotels both in the city and in the inhabited medieval citadel.

The Clock Tower

The Clock tower has a height of 64 m and inside you can find an amazing medieval museum. Under this tower is the main entrance into the citadel and also under the Clock tower, you can find the torture room.

The Clock tower in Sighisoara medieval citadel

Another shot of the famous Clock tower

Sighișoara city hall

The Sighișoara town hall can be found within the medieval citadel. If you plan to take some photos of the town hall then you should know that its located close to the Clock Tower and even closer to the Monastery church. This building was built between 1887 and 1888, after some parts of the monastery were demolished. Inside the town hall, at the upper floor you can find a beautiful hall which was built in baroque style.

Sighisoara city hall

Monastery church

The Monastery church can be found in the Sighișoara medieval citadel and its located close to the Clock tower. Unfortunately, the monastery was demolished at the end of the 19th century and its place was taken by the present town hall. The only building which remained untouched was the Monastery church. The most amazing thing is that the organ is used even today in many concerts organized in the Monastery church.

The Monastery church in Sighisoara

The birthplace of Dracula

In that yellow building, Vlad Tepes “The Impaler” (also known as “Dracula”) was allegedly born. According to a plate which can be found on his house, he lived there between 1431-1435. His birthplace is located close to the Clock Tower, in the so called Citadel Square, Sighișoara. Today, in that house you will find a nice bar and a restaurant.

The birthplace of Dracula

Sighișoara citadel’s main square

In the photo below you can see a part of Sighișoara citadel’s Main square. There you can find many restored houses which were built in the 15th-18th century. Back in the Middle Ages, in that small square were held criminal trials, fairs and many cultural events. In our days, you can find there hotels and restaurants, one of the most famous hotel which is located in the Main square is the House with Stag.

Sighisoara citadel's main square in black and white

The “Casa Georgius Krauss” guesthouse

Close to this pension you can find a couple of historical landmarks like: the Catholic Church, the Shoemakers’ Tower, the Central Square, the City Hall and the Clock Tower. You can find more details on their official website.

Georgius Krauss guesthouse

The Roman Catholic church

This Roman Catholic Church is located in the Sighișoara medieval citadel, near the enclosure wall. It’s also very close to the Town Hall. I would like to share only a couple of things about this church: It was built in 1894 after the demolition of the Franciscan convent. The organ from that church was made in 1908 and it was purchased from a nearby Saxon church.

The catholic church in the citadel

The Shoemakers Tower

The Shoemakers Tower is one the 9 towers of the medieval citadel. After the 1676 fire, the tower got the present shape.

The Shoemakers tower

Towards the Covered Stairways

At the end of this street you’ll find the Covered Stairways which will lead you to the Church on the Hill.

Towards the covered stairways

The Taylor’s Tower

This is the second entrance into the medieval citadel. According to the original story, this tower had almost the same height as the Clock Tower but due to the 1676 fire, the upper part of the tower was destroyed.

The Taylor's tower

Empty street in the citadel on a misty morning

When this shot was captured, the streets were pretty empty so it was much easier for me to shot some amazing images without people in them. If you walk down this street, you will end up next to the old Cobbler’s Tower and from there, you can actually take some interesting images of the Roman Catholic church.

The Cobbler's Tower and the Roman Catholic church in Sighisoara
The medieval citadel at sunset

Here is a shot of the citadel and a small part of the city, also lets not forget about the Tarnava river which flows near the Sighisoara medieval citadel. This shots was captured on a separate trip but since it was captured on a summer day like the ones in this post, I have decided to include this sunset shot into this post.

Sighisoara at sunset