LG G6 The Best Smartphone For Travel Photography?

A couple of days ago we made a short road trip to Moneasa which is a small resort located in the Apuseni mountains in Romania and since I recently bought a brand new LG G6, I’ve decided to test out the standard camera and also the wide angle camera of the smartphone.

Sample photos captured with the LG G6

The 13MP, f/1.8 aperture standard camera.

After almost 4 hours of driving, we arieved there around two o clock. Our next mission was to find an open restaurant to eat a tasty dinner. Driving around the resort, we found a nice restaurant which was surrounded by the Quiet lake.

Restaurant in Moneasa captured with an LG G6

The 13MP, f/2.4 aperture wide angle camera.

After serving a tasty dinner, I’ve decided to capture more photos with my LG G6, so I made a short walk around the lake to capture this amazing place from different angles. The only advantage of the wide angle camera is that you can include many things into the shot but unfortunately you cannot use zoom in or out.

The Quiet Lake In Moneasa, Romania

Best smartphone for travel photography?

Definitely, I think with this smartphone you can actually take some good-looking sharp photos. To be honest, you don’t have to carry heavy photography equipment in order to capture amazing photos. The biggest advantage of this android phone is the ability to shoot in RAW format which enables you to extract valuable information when you post-process you images in photo editing softwares like Lightroom. Let’s not forget about the Manual mode which allows you to play with the camera’s settings.

In one of my older post, LG G4 Camera Review And Some Sample Photos, I’ve shared a couple of sample shots captured with the LG G4 in case you want to see the differences between a 16MP and a 13MP smartphone camera.

In the upcoming posts I will share even more images taken with the LG G6 so please stay tuned.

Things To Do In Sighisoara: Explore The Old Cemetery

A couple of years ago, right after Christmas we visited some relatives which happen to live in Sighisoara. Actually, for those who don’t know, this Transylvanian city if very famous in Romania due to its old inhabited medieval citadel. Back then, I have decided to walk up to the Church On The Hill and explore the area a little bit. Right behind the church, the old cemetery can be found and since I never been there before, I’ve decided to check out the place.

More things to see in Sighisoara

Since the citadel is pretty large you can actually see many other interesting things. In the post Visiting Sighisoara Medieval Citadel In Winter, you will have the chance to watch a couple of Sighisoara citadel’s main sights like the Clock Tower, The Covered Stairway and other important buildings as well.

Things to see near Sighisoara

This region is also known for the old fortified churches like the ones from Biertan or Saschiz. If you are looking for other medieval citadels then you will find the next one in the city of Rupea which is about 50 km away from Sighisoara.

The cemetery behind the Sighisoara medieval citadel in winter

Driving Through The Iron Gates Gorge

After we drove through the Romanian village of Sivita which is located right next to the Danube in the famous Iron gates, we’ve decided to make a short stop and admire the beautiful scenery. From here you can actually spot the mountains and the steep cliffs which are emerging from the river both on the Romanian and the Serbian side. The most amazing part is that the entire road was built right next to the Danube.

Also along this road, you will other things to see like the sculpture of Decebal and the small, yet amazing Mraconia monastery. These two landmarks are located in Romania and they are not very far from the city of Orsova.

The Danube and steep mountain in the Iron Gates

Heavy Snowfall In Transylvania

Sometimes winter can be harsh especially in those parts of Transylvania which are closer to the Carpathian mountains. Back when we visited that place, the wind started to blow very hard and it also started to snow.

This small building is actually the highest point of the Rupea citadel and from over there, you can see the entire scenery which surrounds the old medieval citadel including the city which is right next to the citadel in the valley.

Heavy snowfall in Transylvania

Gozna Lake By The Dam

After we arrived next to Gozna lake, I’ve decided to go closer to the lake’s shore and capture some landscape/nature shots. The entire lake is surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. In the valley, right after the dam is the commune of Valiug which is a popular tourist destination in the summer and winter.

The interesting part of this image was that on the other side of the lake you can actually spot two different types of forests. A pine forest on the right side and I believe an oak forest on the left side. These two forests are separated by the lake.

Gozna lake by the dam in spring