The old Transylvanian mansion

This amazing old mansion can be found in the Transylvanian village of Mălâncrav. This village is pretty famous in the region for two important buildings. The first important building is the old Apafi mansion and the second one is the fortified church which is actually right next to the mansion. When we visited this place, in the winter of 2014, we only managed to check out the exterior of the mansion and a garden located behind the building. Since everything was covered with a thick layer of snow we couldn’t see many things there.

Since the Apafi mansion is built on a smaller hill and the majority of the houses from the village are located in the valley, you can actually see almost the entire village of Mălâncrav from up there, including the beautiful rural scenery which surrounds this Transylvanian village.

The Apafi mansion in the Transylvanian village of Mălâncrav

Exploring Transylvania: The Commune Of Biertan

The commune of Biertan is renowned due to the old Lutheran fortified church which was built in this Transylvanian commune. Unfortunately when we visited this place, in the winter of 2014, the interior of the church was closed to the public probably because they don’t open between Christmas and New Year so I’ve only managed to capture some exterior shots of the church. This shot was captured from a smaller parked located right next to the fortified church.

The Lutheran fortified church from the Transylvanian commune of Biertan

Silky Rapid Stream In The Forest

This stream springs from under a larger cliff located a few hundred of meters away from this place. After that, it passes through a forest and at the edge of the forest, it flows down the famous Bigar waterfall into the Nera river. Next to the stream you will find a path which will take you up to the place where this stream springs. This place is truly amazing so if you are in the area then don’t forget to check it out.

How to create a silky water effect.

If you would like to create a similar effect, you should know that its very simple.

  1. You need a tripod or if you don’t have one, then you must search for a place on which you can put your camera.
  2. Shoot in Shutter Priority mode, search for the symbol S or Tv on the small dial.
  3. Increase the shutter speed above 1 second.
  4. The final step is to press the shutter release button.

If you are not satisfied with your final result, then play you’re camera’s shutter speed, increase it or decrease it until you capture the perfect shot.

Silky rapid stream next to the famous Bigar waterfall

Visiting The Rupea Citadel On a Cold Winter Afternoon

These buildings are located in the area called Upper fortress which is a part of the Rupea citadel. Unfortunately that day, outside the wind blew very hard which amplified the cold sensation and I’ve decided to shorten my exploration of the citadel. I think this photo was among my last ones of this place.

If you wish to discover even more things or to watch more photos of this place then I highly recommend you to check out the category called Rupea where you’ll gonna find all my photos taken of the citadel.

A part of Rupea citadel in winter

The Old Steelworks In Resita

On the first day of Easter we decided to make a short road trip to Valiug and in order to drive there, we had to drive through the city of Resita. Because we didn’t know the city that well, we’ve turned on the GPS and let Google Maps to pick the shortest route towards Valiug. Unfortunately Google Maps has picked a very awful road which basically was built on the outskirts of the city. After we drove almost 10 minutes we had to drive up on a smaller hill from where a larger part of the city was visible including the old steelworks and a beautiful orthodox church.

Other things to see in Resita

Besides the old steelworks, you can also check out the steam locomotive museum where you will find various types of steam locomotives which were built in Resita. Also, you will have the chance to admire the most powerful steam locomotive used by C.F.R (Romanian state railway company) in the past.

A part of Resita with the old steelworks included