The Fortress From The Park

Back in 2016, we’ve made a trip to the Hungarian city of Gyula. Since it was our first time there, we didn’t know many things about this city. But not far from the place we stayed, we discovered this medieval fortress. This is one of Gyula’s landmark and its located very close to another impressive building which is the Almasy castle.

The medieval fortress of Gyula in the summer

Flower Garden In The Park

This was our first time in the Hungarian city of Gyula and one day we’ve decided to explore the city a little bit. Fortunately, not far from the place where we stayed, there were a couple of landmarks like the Gyula fortress, the Almasy castle, the thermal baths and a nice park where you can rest after a long walk. This photo was captured on our way back to the pension, on a nice summer evening. This small flower garden can be found right in front of the beautiful Almasy castle.

Flower garden in front of the Almasy castle

At The World Clock

This World Clock can be found in the Hungarian city of Gyula. To be more precise, it’s located on the Városház street, not far from the Catholic church. I discovered this monument on my last day in Gyula while exploring the older part of the city.

Other interesting things to see in Gyula

Here you will find more interesting building and places in this small Hungarian city. Among the popular places are the Almasy castle and right next to the Almasy castle you will find the much older Gyula castle.

World Clock in Gyula

A Street In Gyula

Today I have decided to share a photo from my last trip to the Hungarian city of Gyula. The street in the photo below is called Városház and its not far from the city center. Over there you will find all sorts of shops and restaurants. If you plan to eat or drink something then here is the perfect place for you. This street is crowded especially in the summer when the tourists are coming to the thermal bath.

Városház street in Gyula at sunset

Almasy Castle From Above

This photo wasn’t taken with a drone, actually at the main entrance into the museum, you have two separate entrances. The first one will lead you into the museum and the second one will lead you to the top of a smaller tower which is a part of the Almasy castle. From there you can peek inside the Gyula Castle Spa which is right next to the castle and you can also spot the tallest defense tower from the Gyula castle. By the way, you have to pay around 300 HUF in order to go up to the look-out.

Almasy castle from above