BMW i3 Electric Car

On our way back from Bekescsaba train station, we decided to explore a little bit a smaller park located in Kossuth ter. At the edge of that park, I saw a nice BMW i3 electric car parked right under a tree. Since it was my first time when I saw an i3 in real life, I’ve decided to capture some photos of the electric car.

To make this photo a more interesting and the car more shiny, probably you’ve noticed that I have added some HDR effect to it.

bmw i3 electric car

At The World Clock

This World Clock can be found in the Hungarian city of Gyula. To be more precise, it’s located on the Városház street, not far from the Catholic church. I discovered this monument on my last day in Gyula while exploring the older part of the city.

Other interesting things to see in Gyula

Here you will find more interesting building and places in this small Hungarian city. Among the popular places are the Almasy castle and right next to the Almasy castle you will find the much older Gyula castle.

World Clock in Gyula