The Most Beautiful Abandoned Building On The Black Sea Shore

I was thankful that I’ve managed to see this place despite the summer heat and the long walk from the train station to the Casino and back. It worth the long walk just to admire the area and of course, photograph this beautiful building. I think this image would have looked even better if the human element wasn’t included, but that day the seafront was packed with tourists walking back and forth so it was an impossible mission to capture a clean image of the Casino. Definitely, the is one of the most beautiful abandoned building on the Romanian Black sea shore.

The Casino and the port in the background

The Perfect Time For a Long Exposure Photo

Before we started our long walk back to our hotel which was located in Saturn, we’ve decided to explore a little bit the place around the port in Mangalia. As we were walking on a seafront towards a smaller lighthouse, I captured a couple of shots of the city and the beach. That day the Black sea was very agitated and in order to make a smoother shot of the sea, I had to make a long exposure shot of the place. For this image I’ve set my shutter speed to 6 seconds and the aperture to f/20.

Long exposure photo of Mangalia and the Black sea.

Boats Docked In The Port of Mangalia

This is another photo taken on our boat tour around the port and the shipyard. Actually this port is quite small compared to others. Back then, only a couple of smaller boats were docked there. Fortunately the sunset colors made this image a little bit interesting. This was my last photos of this place because we were very close to the place from where we started this small journey.

Boats docked in the port of Mangalia at sunset

The Casino In Constanta

A couple of days ago, we’ve decided to make a short trip to Constanta. This city is located on the shores of the Black Sea, somewhere in the South-Eastern part of Romania. The main reason for this trip was to visit the old Casino which was built right next to the sea. As I expected, the entire building unfortunately is in a pretty bad condition, probably one day the local authorities will realize that they have to invest some money into this emblematic building.

The Casino in Constanta

Sunset Behind a Large Ship In Mangalia

This massive ship was located in the Daewoo Heavy Industries shipyard in Mangalia. This shot was captured while we were on a nice boat tour around the port and the shipyard. I was fortunate enough because as we were sailing on the boat, the sun started slowly to disappear under the horizon. Right after this picture, the sun wasn’t visible, but I had plenty of natural light to capture more amazing shots.

Large ship behind a sunset in Mangalia