The Şopot waterfall in the Poiana Ruscă Mountains

The Şopot waterfall is located in the Poiana Poiana Ruscă Mountains, Romania. From Poieni, which is the last village before the waterfall, you’ll have to drive approximately 5 km on a forest road which is not asphalted. Don’t worry, you wont need a 4×4 car in order to get there.

Once you will arrived next to the sign which points to the Şopot waterfall, you will have to make a small hike to the waterfall because it’s located in the forest. The path is marked so you will find it very easily. Next to the waterfall you will find some wooden benches where you can take a short brake after the hike.

This Şopot waterfall is not as popular as the Bigăr waterfall but I highly recommend it, especially if you are in the area.

Wooden bridge close to the Şopot waterfall.
The Şopot stream flowing down from the waterfall.
Mountain stream flowing in the forest.
The Şopot waterfall

On the TransSemenic: Beautiful vantage point

After we left lake Trei Ape, we made a final stop on the TransSemenic road a couple of kilometers after the village of Brebu Nou. As we drove up into the mountains, the sun started to disappear into the clouds and it started slowly to snow with pretty large snow flakes. The place where we stopped is actually a smaller plateau which is located at an altitude of approximately 900 m. From up there the entire scenery is visible, including the village of Brebu Nou, a smaller part of Gărâna and the Semenic Mountains. We even found a fresh layer of snow next to a forest not far from the TransSemenic road.

After taking some photos, we continued our road trip towards Slatina-Timiș. After this point, the road goes slowly down into the valley until Slatina-Timiș.

Incoming snow clouds close to Brebu Nou.
The village of Brebu Nou.
Fresh snow between the Semenic mountains.
The Gărâna depression.

On the TransSemenic: Trei Ape

From the Semenic ski resort we continued our journey towards Trei Ape which is a larger artificial lake located in the Gărâna depression. The TransSemenic road actually follows the lake after the village of Gărâna to the outskirts of Brebu Nou. Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to stop next to the lake and admire the beautiful scenery.

Next to the road, right after the village of Gărâna there is actually a camping place.

Forest next to lake trei ape.
Another part of lake trei ape.
The lake with pine trees next to it.
Trei Ape next to the village of Brebu Nou.

On the TransSemenic: The Semenic ski resort

Another objective worth visiting which is not far from Văliug is the Semenic ski resort. In order to reach this place, you will have to diverge from the TransSemenic road. Unfortunately, the road from the main road up to the resort is in a bad condition but luckily the snow filled some of the potholes.

Interesting fact, as we drove up to Semenic from Văliug the fog gradually started to appear and the rain turned into snow. Even tough we visited this place in early April, we didn’t thought that we will find a such big amount of snow up in the mountain.

After arriving to Semenic, the entire ski resort was covered by dense fog. Due to the bad weather, we didn’t stayed more then half of hour. By the way, the resort is located at an altitude of over 1.400 m.

The road which leads Semenic resort.
Semenic ski resort
Cabin in Semenic ski resort in dense fog.
Dense fog in the mountains in winter
Pine forest covered with snow in the mountains.
Dense fog on a mountain road which leads to Semenic resort.