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The medieval citadel of Sighisoara

The medieval citadel of Sighisoara is an inhabited citadel located in the historical region of Transylvania. To be more precise, it’s located almost in the center of Romania.

The inhabited medieval citadel is a popular touristic attraction in the region. This place is visited by tourists from all over the world. The most important event which is held every year in the citadel is Sighisoara’s Medieval Festival. Then, the entire citadel is packed with tourists watching all sorts of medieval events.

Important things to visit in the citadel:

There are a lot of interesting things to visit. For instance, the Clock Tower which is actually the landmark of the city. Inside you will find a museum where you can see many interesting items from the medieval era. Right under the Clock Tower, you will find the torture chamber.

On the left side of the Clock Tower you’ll find the Monastery Church. This large Gothic church in the past was a part of an old monastery which was destroyed in the 19th century.

The following building after the Monastery Church is the town hall of the city. Behind you will find a small garden from where a large part of the modern city is visible.

Not far from the Clock Tower, you will find the Citadel Square where you can walk on some paved narrow streets and admire the beautiful colored houses of Sighisoara.

If you plan to visit the upper part of the citadel, then you should definitely go to through the old Covered Stairways. Once you’ve reached the upper part, over there you can visit the old cemetery, the Gothic-style Church on the Hill and Joseph Haltrich high school.

Final conclusions

You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring this amazing medieval citadel for sure. Besides the landmarks mentioned above there are many more things that you can visit.

The Clock Tower in Sighisoara.
The Clock Tower from the Citadel Square.
The Citadel Square in SIghisoara.
The Stag House and a paved street which leads to the Covered stairways.
Narrow street with colored houses in Sighisoara with the Church on the Hill in the background on the image.
A street which leads to the Shoemaker's tower. Also a part of the modern city is visible.
The Orthodox church in Sighisoara with the Târnava Mare river flowing in front of the church.