Photographing Sighisoara Medieval Citadel At Night With My Samsung S9

At the beginning of June, we made another trip to Sighisoara (which is one of the most important and well-know medieval city in the historical region of Transylvania). Since I didn’t had any pictures taken at night in the citadel, I have decided to explore this place around after the sun went down. Unfortunately, that day I forgot to recharge the batteries from my DSLR camera so I had only one single option to capture some photos. That option was to use the camera from my Samsung S9 and with this occasion I was able to test whether the camera from a smartphone is able to make some decent photos in low light conditions.

The Clock tower

Almost all the important buildings within the citadel were well lit at night, including the Clock Tower. Another important thing is that you can make much easier a lot of photos because the number of tourists or locals drop significantly during the evening/night. That day, I only saw a smaller group of tourists from Portugal and a few locals exploring the medieval citadel at night.

The Clock Tower from the medieval citadel of Sighisoara at night.

Dracula’s birthplace

According to the legend, inside that yellow building Dracula was borne. Now you will find over there a nice restaurant.

Dracula's birthplace in the citadel

The Orthodox church

Behind the town hall, you can actually see from the citadel’s defense walls a large part of the modern city of Sighisoara, including the Orthodox church which is actually not very far from the citadel.

The Orthodox church next to Sighisoara medieval citadel.

The Monastery Church

Located on the right side of the Clock Tower, in the image below you can actually see the entrance into the Monastery church. I highly recommend to visit this the interior as well, you will find many elements related to the Baroque style.

Now a few conclusions, not all my photos were sharp enough to be included in this post so I had to exclude some of them. Probably a smaller tripod would have helped me to capture some sharper images. I know that the images are far from perfect but I’m quite pleased about the final results after post processing all my photos. All the images from that day were captured in RAW format in order to extract all the details.

Because I wanted to play with the camera’s settings, I’ve decided to use PRO mode to capture the photos. I have to admit that Samsung’s camera can make some interesting photos in low light condition and with the help of a post processing software, you can actually create pretty decent images.