Unseen fortified church in Daia

After we left the Transylvanian commune of Apold, we have decided to drive to Daia which is located about 7 km away from Apold. Unfortunately the road was not as great as the one from Sighisoara but after almost 30 minutes of driving on a dirt road, we’ve managed to reach this village.

Old church tower

One of the most amazing part of this church is that a dirt road divides the church from the bell tower, it wasn’t built as a part of the church. Unfortunately, the entire structure is in a bad condition and in my opinion, it urgently needs some major repairs.

Bell tower from the Evangelical church in the Transylvanian village of Daia

The old Evangelical church

Here you can see a photo of the Evangelical church with the bell tower in the background of the image. The church is actually surrounded by a smaller fortified wall like almost all the fortified churches in the historical region of Transylvania.

The Evangelical church in Daia

Large tree behind the church

Right behind the old Evangelical church you will gonna find a very large and old tree. Also from this spot you can see a very large part of the village of Daia.

Large tree behind the Evangelical church in Daia.

After capturing some exterior shots of the Evangelical church, it started to rain and we have decided to leave this amazing Transylvanian village. Hopefully, one day I will return this place again.