The Petrila Coal Mine

On our way back from Cabana Rusu which is pretty popular place located not far from the city of Petrosani, we’ve decided to make a short stop in the mining town of Petrila located in the Jiu Valley. Our first objective was to visit the old coal mine which was closed back in 2015. We left our car a couple of streets away from the entrance into the Petrila coal mine and we made a short walk to the mine.

The Jiu river which divides the city and the mine

This photo was captured on a bridge right next to the entrance into the coal mine. Basically, the Jiu river divides the former mining complex and the town.

The Jiu river in Petrila

Mining train

Whit these small trains the miners used them to transport the coal from various parts of the mining complex. As you can see on the last coal car, the last tonne of coal was brought up from the mine in 2015 and unfortunately after that, the government decided to close the coal mine in Petrila because it wasn’t profitable any more. Sadly, other coal mines where closed in the Jiu Valley.

Mining train which was used to transport the coal from the mine

Abandoned buildings in the mining complex

Here are a couple of buildings which are abandoned and are not used any more. In the background of the picture you can actually see a mining shaft used to transport the miners and the coal.

The mining shaft from the coal mine

Industrial buildings in the mine
Petrila and the mountains

Probably once were some industrial building here but now the area was cleaned. Since the area looks pretty nice, I’ve decided to include in the shot the city and the mountains from the background of the photo.

The city of Petrila with the mountains in the background

The Parang mountain

Between those buildings you can spot the Parang mountain with some snow spots on the peeks. This is my final shots of this place, I’m really curious what will be here after a couple of years because the government would like to demolish probably all the buildings which once were a part of the Petrila coal mine complex.

The Parang mountain with snow on its peak