Visiting The Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

After walking around in Sibiu, we decided to check out the small steam locomotive museum which was almost 15 minutes away from the old town. Actually this small museum can be found within the Sibiu train depot. In my opinion this is more of a smaller collection of old steam locomotives which once were used by the CFR then a museum. After you’ve enter the so called museum, unfortunately you won’t find any sorts of information about the old rusty steam locomotives. But you can always Google the class number of the locomotives and you will find more details about them.

The CFR 130.503 At Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

Today I have decided to share another photo of an old steam locomotive from the Sibiu steam locomotive museum. Now let me give you a couple of details about the 130.503. I heard that it was built in 1921 by Skoda in the former Czechoslovakia and since they performed very well, the Romanian Railway Company or simply the CFR has decided to make a larger order of these types of steam engines. Today you will find this locomotive near another great steam engine which is the 150.1105 loco.

CFR 130.503 steam locomotive at Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

The 150.1105 Steam Engine Inside The Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

Probably the 150 series locomotive is one of my favorite steam locomotive from the small Sibiu steam engine museum. This steam engine was used in Romania for hauling heavy fright trains on some difficult lines like the line between Brasov – Ploiesti. These great locomotives were retired from service in 1978. Unfortunately, today almost all the exhibits are in a pretty bad condition.


The 150.1105 steam locomotive from Sibiu steam locomotive museum

An Old Steam Locomotive Inside The Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

The No. 94649 steam locomotive is a German loco and it was built in 1914 by Schwartzkopff Berlin. As you can see this loco is unfortunately in a pretty bad condition.

old rusty steam locomotive inside the Sbiu steam locomotive museum

Old Rotary Snow Plow In The Museum

It’s been a while since I last shared an HDR photo, so today I have decide share another one. In the photo below you can actually see an old rotary steam snow plow which can be found in the small steam locomotive museum. This snow plow was built in Sweden in 1908. To those who don’t know, this museum is located in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu. In order to visit the steam engines, you have to enter into the locomotive depot and as soon as you passed a smaller administrative building,  you will gonna see the old steam engines.

Rotary steam snow plow located in Sibiu steam locomotive museum

The Ardelt CFR WMA 65.4 Steam Crane

Among the amazing and old steam locomotives you will find a very special and probably very unique steam crane which was built in 1939 and that steam crane is the Ardelt CFR WMA 65.4. Back in its days of glory, it was capable to lift up to 65 tonnes. Now you will find this steam crane inside the small steam locomotive museum in Sibiu, right next to the turntable.

Ardelt CFR WMA 65.4 steam crane

If you are a railfan, then I highly recommend this place. You will also have the occasion to admire different types of amazing steam locomotives which once were used in Romania. By the way, there are a couple of narrow gauge steam locomotives too.