The old Transylvanian mansion

This amazing old mansion can be found in the Transylvanian village of Mălâncrav. This village is pretty famous in the region for two important buildings. The first important building is the old Apafi mansion and the second one is the fortified church which is actually right next to the mansion. When we visited this place, in the winter of 2014, we only managed to check out the exterior of the mansion and a garden located behind the building. Since everything was covered with a thick layer of snow we couldn’t see many things there.

Since the Apafi mansion is built on a smaller hill and the majority of the houses from the village are located in the valley, you can actually see almost the entire village of Mălâncrav from up there, including the beautiful rural scenery which surrounds this Transylvanian village.

The Apafi mansion in the Transylvanian village of Mălâncrav