Boat Tour In The Port Of Mangalia

During our small boat tour around the port of Mangalia, we sailed pretty close to two larger ships which were docked in the shipyard. In this post: Sunset Behind a Large Ship In Mangalia you can actually see how tall is the bow of one of the docked ship.  As soon as we sailed passed the second ship, I saw anther one docked not very far but since the captain of our small touring boat has decided to head back to our starting place, I captured only some distant photos of the ship and of the sunset. This was my first time in life seeing and being so close to such a humongous man made object.

The entire boat tour costed 15 lei which is about 4 US dollars per person. In my opinion the ticket was very cheap if you take into consideration that the entire tour lasts for more then 30 minutes. I recommend you to do this boat tour when its close to sunset because you are able to capture some amazing shots of the place. Usually you’ll find these small boats waiting for the tourists in the Touristic port of Mangalia.

Large ship docked at the shipyard