The Casino In Constanta

In the summer of 2017, we’ve decided to make a short trip to Constanta. This city is located on the shores of the Black Sea, somewhere in the South-Eastern part of Romania. The main reason for this trip was to visit the old Casino which was built right next to the sea. As I expected, the entire building unfortunately is in a pretty bad condition, probably one day the local authorities will realize that they have to invest some money into this emblematic building.

The Casino in Constanta

Abandoned historic building next to the Black sea

Back in August when we’ve visited the Romanian port city of Constanta which is located on the Black sea shore. This city is about 220 km away from the capital city Bucharest. AmongĀ  many other interesting things that we checked out in the city was the the old Casino. Unfortunately today this building is in a awful condition mainly because the local authorities are neglecting this beautiful jewel located right next to the Black sea. Actually behind the Constanta Casino is the Black sea and on the right side, where are those cranes, is the port where you can spot many large cargo ships.

The abandoned Constanta Casino

The most beautiful abandoned building on the Black Sea shore

I was thankful that I’ve managed to see this place despite the summer heat and the long walk from the train station to the Casino and back. It worth the long walk just to admire the area and of course, photograph this beautiful building. I think this image would have looked even better if the human element wasn’t included, but that day the seafront was packed with tourists walking back and forth so it was an impossible mission to capture a clean image of the Casino. Definitely, the is one of the most beautiful abandoned building on the Romanian Black sea shore.

The Casino and the port in the background