The Citadel Of Oradea

On the 1th of June, we made a short road trip to the city of Oradea. After more then 2 hours of driving from Timisoara we finally reached the small medieval citadel. Fortunately we managed to find an empty parking lot right next to the citadel despite the fact that it was a national holiday and the small citadel was packed with people. After left our car in the parking lot, we started to explore this place. This image was among my first ones captured inside the old medieval citadel. As you can see, the buildings located in the citadel were rehabilitated. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same thing about the defense walls, which were in a pretty bad condition.

A church located inside the citadel of Oradea

A lake in the park

Actually this small lake can be found right next to the entrance into the citadel of Oradea. By the way, on that small lake you will find some beautiful pink water lilies. I have a photo of the lilies in one of my previous post which is called: Water Lilies Near The Citadel Of Oradea. When we were there, we saw a couple of larger goldfishes swimming in the water.

Small lake near the defense walls of the Oradea citadel

Water lilies near the defense walls

When we traveled to Oradea, our objective was to visit the old citadel. After driving about 10 minutes in the city, we finally arrived at the citadel of Oradea. Close to the place where we left our car, we had to walk through a nice park in order to enter into the citadel. Right next to the entrance, close to the fortification walls, there were two smaller lakes. On the water there were a lot of beautiful pink water lilies. Here is one shot of those flowers:

Pink water lilies