Church Next To The Steelworks

On our way to Valiug we drove through the city of Resita and since we didn’t know exactly which is the route towards Valiug, we had to turn on the GPS. The GPS has decided that the fastest route through Resita was on a road which was built near the edge the city. Initially we thought that the road was decent but after a couple of hundreds of meters of driving, we changed our minds completely. Luckily we had only about 6┬ákm to drive on that awful road. After we drove almost 10 minutes with an average speed of 30 km/h, we were almost on the top of a larger hill and there we made a short stop because from that place, a large part of the city was visible including the old Steelworks. After a couple of cityscape shots we continued our trip on the same awful road.

Church in Resita next to the Steelworks.