Lake Gozna In Valiug

On the first day of Easter, we decided to take a short road trip to Valiug. This Romanian commune is located in the middle of the forest and its surrounded by larger hills/mountains. After almost two hours of driving we arrived next to the lake Gozna and after that I’ve decided to take some photos of the place. After this photography mission our next objective was to find a place to eat something. We decided to drive along the lake in hope of finding some opened restaurants. After a couple of minutes of driving along the lake, we found a nice place called Gasthof Tirol where we served some good and tasty traditional Easter dinner.

Gozna lake in Valiug

Gozna Lake By The Dam

The interesting part of this image was that on the other side of the lake you can actually spot two different types of forests. A pine forest on the right side and I believe an oak forest on the left side. These two forests are separated by the lake.

Gozna lake by the dam in spring

The Entire Lake In Valiug

If you are in the area, don’t forget to check this amazing place out. This place is very popular in the summer when all sorts of parties are held at Ponton Casa Baraj.

Panoramic landscape photo of lake Gozna in Valiug

The Lake Near Ponton Casa Baraj

This is another shot taken near the Ponton Casa Baraj. To make the image below look a little bit different from the rest, I have decided to turn it into a beautiful sunset image.

The lake near Ponton Casa Baraj in Valiug