The 150.1105 Steam Engine Inside The Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

Probably the 150 series locomotive is one of my favorite steam locomotive from the small Sibiu steam engine museum. This steam engine was used in Romania for hauling heavy fright trains on some difficult lines like the line between Brasov – Ploiesti. These great locomotives were retired from service in 1978. Unfortunately, today almost all the exhibits are in a pretty bad condition.

Want to see even more photos of steam locomotive?

It your answer is yes, then I welcome you to check out another amazing steam locomotive museum located in the Romanian city of Resita which is more then 250 km away from Sibiu. Here you will be able to see all my photos captured inside the Resita steam locomotive museum, plus you will also find some photos of the first steam engine ever built in Romania.

The 150.1105 steam locomotive from Sibiu steam locomotive museum