Rupea Citadel On A Cold Winter Day

Another beautiful medieval citadel in Transylvania

Since the city of Rupea is almost 50 km away from the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, a couple of days ago we decided to visit the old medieval citadel of Rupea. This city is actually located near the main road which leads to Brasov. The citadel was built on a hill and if you plan to visit it, you should know that you can drive up there. Right next to the entrance into the citadel you will find a parking lot where you can leave your car. Even in the winter the road which leads up to the citadel was cleaned. After you leave your car in the parking lot, you have to pay 10 lei in order to visit the interior of the citadel. I heard that a couple of years ago this place was rehabilitated. Today this place is a popular tourist destination along with the Sighisoara medieval citadel.

Rupea citadel in winter

Heavy snowfall in Transylvania

Sometimes winter can be harsh especially in those parts of Transylvania which are closer to the Carpathian mountains. Back when we visited that place, the wind started to blow very hard and it also started to snow.

This small building is actually the highest point of the Rupea citadel and from over there, you can see the entire scenery which surrounds the old medieval citadel including the city of Rupea which is right next to the citadel in the valley.

Heavy snowfall in Transylvania

Panoramic view of the entrance

This shot was captured a couple of minutes after I entered into the old medieval citadel of Rupea. This area is called the Dawn fortress and right under the middle defense tower is the main entrance into the citadel. When we visited this place last year in December, outside was pretty cold and the entire landscape was covered with a thick layer of fresh snow. Despite of the cold weather, we saw some tourists visiting this place.

Panoramic view of the Rupea citadel

Visiting The Upper Fortress

These small buildings are located in the so called Upper Fortress. Over there you will have the occasion to see some old buildings built between the 17th and 19th century. I saw on a board right next to the entrance into the Rupea citadel that the defense walls from the Upper Fortress are the oldest structures, they were built in 14th century.

Upper fortress in the Rupea citadel

View from the Upper Fortress

The old Rupea citadel was built on a larger hill right next to the city. If you plan to visit this place then I highly recommend to take a longer walk to the highest point of the citadel which is located in the Upper Fortress. From there, you can actually see the entire landscape which surrounds the citadel. The photo of the city from this post was captured from the Upper Fortress and back then, some ugly clouds were heading towards me. Unfortunately, I had to hurry back down to the parking lot because a cold wind started to blow very hard.

The city of Rupea, view from the old citadel

Right after we left the parking lot, I’ve decided to capture some photos of the entire citadel. By the way, that road will take you up to the parking lot which is right next to the entrance of the citadel.

The Rupea citadel

The Dawn fortress at sunset

Since I my favorite photos are those captured at sunset I have decided to turn one of my photo captured in Rupea into a beautiful sunset image. To be honest, probably this is one of my favorite photo from my entire gallery.

The Upper fortress in the Rupea citadel at sunset