The Gyula castle

The old medieval Gyula castle is located in the Hungarian city which bears the castle’s name. The medieval castle is also very close to the beautiful Almasy castle. Next to the castle, on the left side of the photo you can see a smaller defense tower, over there you’ll find a terrace. If you would like to drink some good and tasty Hungarian beers then that’s a nice place for you. Today the city of Gyula is a very popular destination due to its thermal baths and for its castles. Also the city is very close to the Romanian border.

Gyula castle

The medieval fortress of Gyula in the summer

The photo below was taken on Monday after 7 o’clock PM when the sun started slowly to set. As you can see there were only a few people walking near the castle. Unfortunately, on the hot summer weekends, the entire place near the castle is packed with tourists and locals and its very difficult to capture a nice clean image without many people in it.

Gyula castle at sunset with almost no people