Coffee Stop In Baile Herculane

Before the coffee

After more then two hours of driving from Timisoara, we made a short coffee stop in the Romanian spa town of Baile Herculane. Since this was my first time there, we decided to explore this small town a little bit. The entire town was built in a valley so its surrounded by large mountains and the scenery is truly amazing. We parked our car near some older hotels and after that, we went on a short walk. After we returned to the car, we decided to drink a coffee before continuing our journey towards the Iron Gates. Fortunately there was an opened restaurant near the parking lot where they served very good coffee.

Baile Herculane with the mountains in the background

Old hotels in Baile Herculane

Since we parked our car near three older hotels which were built in the socialist era, I’ve decided to include them into a photo. I remember that this was one of my first photos shot in Baile Herculane. To make this image look more interesting, I’ve also decided to include the mountains in the shot. Now if you wonder why I’ve turned this image into black and white, well mainly because the RAW image was overexposed and the sky was really blown out. I think the final result looks much better than the colored version.

Hotel in Baile Herculane

This place is very popular in Romania especially in the summer due to its spas which can be found in the town. Since the largest part of the town was built in a narrow valley, everywhere you look, you will see steep mountains. I have to admit that the landscape is very beautiful. Also if you are in the area, you should know that the Danube is only 20 km away from this place. So if you have some free time you should check out the port city of Orsova and Iron Gates.

Hotel surrounded by mountains in Baile Herculane, Romania