Piata Unirii, Timisoara

Piata Unirii or Unirii square is a popular square located not far from the city center. There you can find many important touristic objectives like the Catholic Dome, the Serbian Orthodox church and the Baroque palace. The majority of the historical buildings were rehabilitated and I have to admit that the place is looking very nice. Also you can find many restaurants, bars and terraces especially in the summer. The prices are a little bit higher then in other parts of the city but not to exaggerated.

The Catholic Dome and the Trinity Monument

The Dome was finished in 1774 after almost 38 years of constructions. The Dome is that yellow church from the photo below. The building has cross shape. The Trinity monument is located in the right side of the photo.

The Catholic Dome and the Trinity monument in Timisoara

The Serbian Orthodox church

The Serbian Orthodox church was built between 1745 and 1748 and before this church, there was an wooden church.

The Serbian Orthodox church in Piata Unirii

The Baroque Palace

The Baroque Palace was built in 1754 and its one of the most important historical monuments in Timisoara. Today you can find the art gallery inside the building. If you like to admire some amazing paintings then there is the right place for you.

The Baroque Palace

Other old buildings

Here are some old buildings located in the Unirii square. These buildings are called in Romanian Casa “Brück”, Casa La “Trei Husari” and Casa “La Elefantul”.

Old historical buildings in Timisoara